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Top Payment Methods for Online Casinos in Myanmar

Players in Myanmar can use a few different payment methods to fund their online casino accounts. One popular option is mobile money agent transfer, which allows players to use their mobile phones to send money to their online casino account. Mobile money agents such as KBZ Pay and WavePay are widely available in Myanmar, making this a convenient option for many players. Another standard payment method is banking transfer, which can be done online or by going to a physical bank.

This method is generally relatively safe as players can transfer deposit money or receive a massive withdrawal amount limit conveniently. ATM cash deposit is also a popular option in Myanmar. This involves going to an ATM and depositing cash into a casino account using the machine. Although this method may be slightly less convenient than the others, it can be a good option if you don’t have enough balance on your bank accounts.

1. Mobile Banking Transfer

CB Bank

CB Bank is a convenient and safe choice for Burmese players. The daily limit transfer is 200 million MMK, which is more than enough for most players. In addition, CB Bank has many branches, so players can easily find a convenient location. It is a safe banking choice for players because CB Bank is a trusted brand with a good reputation. Players can rest assured that their money transfer is convenient and secure. Each cockfight match takes place from different channels and match codes. SV388 hosts around 10 channels: CPC1, CPC3, CPC4, TH7A, TH7C, PO1, PO3, SB2, ZA2, PC1 and more. The match code displays differently. For example, the match code in SV388’s PO1 channel is PHI 110. The minimum bet per cockfight match is 1 unit (1000 kyats), and the maximum limit is 200 units (200,000 kyats).

AYA Bank

AYA Bank is one of the most popular banks used by Burmese players. The daily limit transfer is 3,000,000 MMK, a high limit compared to other banks. In addition, the bank offers international banking services and is licensed by the Central Bank of Myanmar. Players can trust that their cash is safe when using AYA Bank.

KBZ Bank

One of the main reasons why Burmese players use KBZ bank is it offers cardless withdrawal. Customers can withdraw cash from their accounts without using a debit or credit card. This is exceptionally convenient for customers who do not have easy access to a card or prefer not to use one. The daily limit transfer is 1,500,000 MMK. Also, KBZ Bank has a very user-friendly online banking system that makes it easy for customers to manage their accounts and make transactions.


Burmese players use Yoma Bank since it is the largest commercial bank in the country. Players can transfer large amounts of money up to 10,000,000MMK daily. The bank offers a convenient function where clients can schedule an automatic payment. Players can transfer funds daily, making managing their finances easy.

2. Mobile Financial Service Agent


Thousands of online casino players use KBZ Pay. It is the most popular payment method in the country. Burmese players can use their mobile numbers to transfer and receive money; the service is available 24 hours a day. KBZ Pay is also convenient because it does not require a bank account or credit card. Players can use the service to deposit money and withdraw winnings for their games conveniently. In addition, KBZ Pay is safe and secure, providing players with peace of mind when making transactions.

Wave Pay

Wave Pay is the most popular payment method used by Burmese players. It is quick and easy to use and available at most agent counters. Players can use their mobile numbers to top up and withdraw money. Wave Pay is the easiest payment method for Burmese players as it is a fast, convenient and secure way to make financial payments in Myanmar. The service is available across the country, making it easy for people to pay for what they need when they need it. Wave Pay is an ideal way to use online gambling service in Myanmar.

3. Cryptocurrency Payment


TRC20-USDT is a digital currency that was created on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a more convenient and stable alternative to other digital currencies, such as Bitcoin. One advantage of using TRC20-USDT for online gambling is zero transfer fees. This makes it much more affordable to gamble online, as you will not have to pay fees to send or receive payments. Additionally, TRC20-USDT is very convenient to use. It can be transferred and received almost instantaneously, which makes it ideal for gambling purposes.


USDT(ERC20) offers many advantages for online gambling in Myanmar. There is zero transfer fee when using this currency. This is particularly beneficial for online casinos, which must move large sums of money quickly and efficiently. USDT(ERC20) is a very safe and secure currency. This is important for both casino operators and players, as it helps to ensure that all funds are adequately protected. In addition, USDT(ERC20) transactions are fast and easy to process. This is crucial for ensuring that Burmese players can get their winnings on time.

Understanding BK959 Online Casino Gambling Fee

BK959 is an online casino that offers our customers the most convenient banking and payment services. The banking fee is free, and there is no limit on the number of withdrawals that can be made. The fast cash-out service means that customers can receive their winnings quickly and easily.

BK959 Deposit & Withdrawal Transaction Limit

BK959 is one of the leading online casinos in Myanmar, offering a high-standard wagering service to our customers with the following deposit and withdrawal transaction limit:

Minimum Deposit: MMK 10,000
Minimum Withdrawal: MMK 20,000
Maximum Deposit Transactions Per Day: Unlimited
Maximum Withdrawal Transactions Per Day: Unlimited

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