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1st Party vs. 3rd Party Online Casino Platforms – Which is Better?

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There are two types of real money online casino platforms in Myanmar for players to choose from: first-party betting sites and third-party betting sites. Some companies use third-party platforms, the most traditional platform, and some use first-party platforms that can give players more convenience with the most advanced systems and technology. 

First-party Gambling Platform

The first-party gambling platform can be referred to as the company with all the products and casino games on its website. Once players log in, they can enjoy all the products and plays immediately. The benefit of this type of real money betting platform is that players can switch between any products or games anytime they want without changing usernames and websites.

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Besides, this kind of platform can deliver faster deposit & withdrawal processes to players because the backend procedure is running using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology such as Google AI. By comparison of a few companies, we found that the speed of handling deposit & withdrawal progress increase is as high as 200% or more.

Furthermore, the first-party platform usually has more products, promotions, and games than the third-party platform, and this can provide players with more choices instead of forcing players to choose the only option.

Third-party Gambling Platform

The third-party gambling platform is a company with only a website with information and a register function. Players can’t play any of the games directly on the site, and they can just read the introduction and check screenshots of the casino games. For example, if a player wishes to bet on sports betting, then the company will give them login details for like Sportsbooks365 or iBet789; and if the player wishes to bet on slot games for like Live22 or Jili, then they will need another login details from the company. 

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Moreover, the third-party platform can offer a higher new member bonus and regular deposit bonus for players since this is the only way that they can get clients. Some players wish to get as many bonuses as possible for a higher winning chance, so this platform is their best option.


Players ‘ convenience is the most apparent difference between these two casino platforms. With the convenience brought by the development of the times and technology, people will be more inclined to bet on simple and convenient platforms. Players can choose the right platform according to their needs to achieve the ultimate goal – maximizing gambling enjoyment.

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