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The Top Three Slot Games Online on Pragmatic Play

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Pragmatic Play has always been a leading provider in Myanmar’s real-money online gaming industry due to its five key advantages, which include its ability to deliver different and engaging gaming experiences. Thanks to its diverse products, including slots, live casino, sportsbook, and more, Pragmatic Play has managed to establish its proficiency and fun games. 

In addition, its slot games have vibrant graphics, engaging Gameplay, and good features that make them exceptional. This article is based on the data analysis of BK959 Online Betting Site Myanmar, and will introduce the top three online slot games on Pragmatic Play and why they are suitable for beginners and professionals.

Gates of Olympus gameplay pragmatic play

#1 Gates of Olympus

  • Overview

The slot game from Pragmatic Play-Gates of Olympus is fascinating, taking players to the mythical Greek world of old. This game is distinguished by high volatility and original features. Instead of conventional pay lines, this slot game uses a ‘Pay Anywhere’ mechanism where any symbol can make part of a winning combination despite its location on occupied slots.

Gates of Olympus game rules
Gates of Olympus Game Rules
  • Gameplay and Features

Tumble Mechanic: The tumble mechanic removes all winning symbols in Gates of Olympus, thus allowing different symbols to fall in and potentially make more wins from one Spin. This feature thus heightens the thrill since each tumble could lead to another win.
Multipliers: Another essential feature is that it can randomly occur during any spin. These multipliers can be from 2x to 500x and increase winnings considerably in case several such multipliers fall in a tumble sequence combination. Up to 5000x bets is a possible win for a player.
Free Spins Feature: Landing at least four scatter symbols will trigger Free Spin mode in which Zeus is the icon used; if you hit any multiplier symbol during this time, then cumulatively, your rewards will be way more prominent than any single hit would provide.

Gates of Olympus features
Gates of Olympus Feature
  • Why Play Gates of Olympus?

Gates of Olympus is notable as it combines uncommon characteristics with great unpredictability due to distinct game mechanics that usually lead to huge wins but very few playing sessions. For those who love risking their money with the hope of hitting something big on slot machines and also love anything that reflects ancient beliefs, especially Greek mythology in general, then Gates of Olympus is a must-play.

Sweet Bonanza gameplay

#2 Sweet Bonanza

  • Overview

Sweet Bonanza is a slot game with many colors and candy. Still, it has peculiar characteristics characterized by being lucrative and appealing to players. The slot machine is based on a fantastic world of sweets, where different kinds of sweets and fruit icons are used as symbols on its reels. This means it is easy for gamblers to make some money from it due to its high variance and considerable win abilities, making it stand out among other games by Pragmatic Play.

Sweet Bonanza game rules
Sweet Bonanza Game Rules and Slot Symbols
  • Gameplay and Features

Tumble Feature: Every time a winning combination lands on the reel, the symbols that formed that win disappear, leaving spaces into which new symbols fall. This may result in more than one win being created from a single spin.
Free Spin: To activate the Free Spins part, players should land at least four lollipops anywhere they fall randomly through the slot space. If you are lucky, it provides multipliers on every reel, up to one hundred times their original worth. You win a lot more money than before.
Boost Your Winning Chances with the Ante Bet: If a player wishes to activate the Free Spins feature more frequently, they need to use the Ante Bet function, which increases the percentage and the number of scatter symbols on the display.

Sweet Bonanza buy free spin feature
Sweet Bonanza Buy Free Spin Feature
  • Why Play Sweet Bonanza?

If you like taking risks and winning loads of money, Sweet Bonanza is the best game for you. Sweet Bonanza will allow you to experience many high-speed events that are extremely risky due to the complex nature of these times. The joyful appearance of the image has been achieved through good graphics and sounds that reflect the mood.

Gates of Olympus 1000 gameplay

#3 Gates of Olympus 1000

  • Overview

Gates of Olympus 1000 is the latest version of the original Gates of Olympus. Building on the older version, this 1000 series offers an even higher rate of volatility and greater features to further players’ excitement and winning capability.

Gates of Olympus 1000 game rules
Gates of Olympus 1000 Game Rules and Symbols
  • Gameplay and Features

Multipliers: The most important distinguishing feature is its multipliers. While Gates of Olympus features multipliers ranging from 2x to 500x, the new version increases the maximum multiplier to 1000x and adds more frequent multipliers and combo multipliers during tumbles.
Ante Bet Option: This option is special for Gates of Olympus 1000. Players can choose a 25x multiplier to double their chance of activating free spins and scatter symbols.

Gates of Olympus 1000 buy free spin feature
Gates of Olympus 1000 Buy Free Spin Feature
  • Why Play Gates of Olympus 1000?

You should consider Gates of Olympus 1000 over its original game. The main reason, besides better graphic design, is its bigger multipliers. You can double your winning odds with just one Spin in this new 1000 series.


Pragmatic Play’s slot games feature a wide variety of topics and cater to different Burma player tastes. There’s no doubt that Gates of Olympus, Sweet Bonanza, and Gates of Olympus 1000 clearly demonstrate the developer’s ability to design engaging and profitable games.
Every game provides some innovation, such as an engaging system and a joyful Tumbling function, among others, while winning ensures excitement. For you to get yourself enjoy maximally by the Pragmatic Play Platform, it is important you play these first three games, which provide high-quality fun. Also, this gives you an opportunity and higher chance to win huge awards.

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