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Things To Know About Keno Number Game

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Keno games have recently become popular because of their simplicity, thrill, and fast gameplay. In addition, Keno has been the leading developer of its unique games for the last ten years. More than that, Keno is a lottery game in which a player predicts and bets on numbers for a win of real money.

Although it is easy, Keno can potentially yield large amounts of money. Online Keno offers excellent flexibility for players, which is why it is so popular. And that’s not all; Keno games spice things up even further by using features such as an Auto-play button, diverse gaming variations, and impressive graphics. This sheer simplicity makes it a perfect choice for beginners and experienced bettors.

How To Bet Keno Online?

You can easily recognise a Keno game when you see it, it is like a piece of paper with a total of 80 numbers. Here are some common characteristics in all Keno games. Typically, they contain a numbers grid ranging from one through eighty. And just a few numbers are chosen by bettors out of that pool. Often, depending on the variation of the game, it is possible to pick any number between one and twenty.

After that, players bet on the selection of their numbers. Besides, there are many betting options such as Big, Small, Odd, Even, Dragon, Tiger, Up, Down, Gold, Wood, etc. Also, players can make straight or combination bets in one round, which may cost more credits, but the chance of winning is higher. After players finish the bet, the game randomly draws a set containing a winning number to ensure fairness.

Finally, there are 20 number balls will be randomly selected as the results of the round, and if the area or option you bet matches the one drawn, you are the winner. The payout varies depending on the number of matches and the specific payout figure.

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Where to Bet Keno Online in Myanmar?

Firstly, you need to register an account at BK959 – a real money online betting site in Myanmar. The registration required a few basic information including Name, Phone Number, Username, and Password. Once you successfully submit the registration form, your account will be activated immediately and you will be redirected to the products list page. 

Secondly, you can buy bet credit by clicking Deposit, and then select a bank account that is convenient for you to make a transfer. When you complete the transfer and submit it, the system AI will automatically identify and top-up credits to your account. The whole process will not exceed 3 minutes.

Lastly, you can tapping Home button on the bottom, then select the Keno on the left to enter Funky Games. There are a total of 11 number games that can be chosen on the game list, enter any of them and choose your bet limit and you can start placing bets.

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The Game Types And Themes

Online Keno has over ten unique games with differing rules and themes. Some popular ones are RNGWAR, Keno, Atom, KenoSoccer, Football Star, KenoWar, AtomWar, Number Game, Lucky 5, Happy10, and PK10. The range ensures that players enjoy their favourite pastime forever.
Initially, their payouts were very high, and only slight differences existed. For example, a soccer fan would visit football star KenoKeno, a sports fan would bet on KenoSoccer, and racing car lovers would place bets on PK10, among other things.

Extra Things You Need To Know About Keno

The Keno game is what many casino goers who are fond of numeric games choose most. This makes “Keno” a favourite attraction to many people due to its simplicity, excellent security system, and personal betting, among other features. Besides, this game only requires a 3G network, so it can be played smoothly in most places.

If you want to have fun without considering huge prizes as one of your reasons for playing casino games, this game is suitable for people like you. On the other hand, if you have entered the games with a fiery aspiration for success, this would be your best bet. Therefore, give it a shot now! It might turn out fine for your sake!

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