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What Are The Best Features You Can Have In BK959 Casino?

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In 2024, the popularity of online gambling in Myanmar has continued to rise since the COVID-19 period and the unstable situation in Myanmar. Many small online betting companies are trying to increase their market share, but most of them only survive for a short time. 

However, only some can match the stature of BK959 Myanmar, a premier online casino exclusively designed for Myanmar players. This impressive website is a testament to our commitment to providing a unique and excellent gaming experience. 

There are many reasons why BK959 can remain successful in this market and gain a high reputation. The main reason is that BK959 Online Casino attaches great importance to every function and continuously strengthens it. Here, we list the top 3 features that are most recognized by players.

Jili slot games charactors

Feature 1: Great Variety of Online Slot Games

Myanmar’s slot game players are always looking for the best games that have good-quality graphics and are easy to win. Moreover, players are excited to play new games faster than other online casinos, so BK959 adds new slot products regularly, which include: 

  • Pragmatic Play: As a global leading slot provider, PramaticPlay is popular for it’s high-quality game graphics and “Buy Free Spin” feature. It also offers a unique mobile slot collection and a joyful variety of payout types. 
  • Joker123: The multiple winning features have made Joker famous in these few years, and most games are entitled to progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpot of Joker is different from regular winning; it increases each payout and odds of winning, and it is much easier to win the jackpot than other products.
  • Fa Chai: FaChai is a Philippines brand specializing in Vertical Portrait Screen Mobile Slot Games. Although this product contains only 50 cartoon-style slot games, they have made all the games have high RTP% (from 96.5%).
pragmatic top games

Feature 2: Multi Selections For Mobile Fish Game

Fish Game is one of the famous real money games that Burmese people like to play the most. BK959 Myanmar’s huge selection of mobile fishing games ensures players have enough fun and feel real. One of the most important selections for a fish game is the betting limit per bullet shot to the fish. With BK959, players can start from a minimum of 0.01 units (MMK10) per bullet to shoot any fish in the game.

Another selection for the fish game is the fish odds; it is different depending on the fish type. The more betting tables the website has, the more fish types and odds players can choose from. BK959 has countless betting tables of fish games that are compatible with both mobile and desktop devices, and the maximum fish odds are up to 5000x for a fish.

pragmatic play fish game screenshot
Jili fish game screenshot

Feature 3: Live Casino With Dealer From Around The World

People like beautiful things, and men like beautiful girls. A beautiful live dealer could make the casino game more enjoyable for players. BK959 has live dealers worldwide, including dealers in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Players can choose to enter the table that has their favourite dealers at any time from any device.

In a live casino poker card game, the screen dealer clearly shows each card to players as the game result. It’s a fair game and safe to play when placing your bet. Casino games with live dealers include baccarat, roulette, blackjack, dragon-tiger, live Sicbo, live poker, and other live steam table games. 

sa gaming live casino screenshot

Feature 4: Greatest 24/7 Online Services

BK959 Casino believes that a good feeling and mood will make a person lucky on the day. So, they want every player to have no complaints about their services. With this in mind, BK959 is using AI technology to handle players’ deposits and withdrawals, which can save more than 80% of the time than old-style manual operations. 

Besides, BK959’s customer care team is well-trained and able to solve players’ difficulties and give them the right direction or suggestions when needed 24/7. BK959 also values every player’s feedback, collecting feedback from players and gifting a free bonus in return.

Feature 5: Convenience Banking Method

As the biggest online casino site in Myanmar, BK959 accepts deposits and withdrawals in Myanmar Kyats and US Dollars. The USD rate will follow the actual market rate and convert to the game unit, which will be totally fair for players.

  • Myanmar Kyats: KBZ Pay, Wave Money, AYA Bank, CB Pay, KBZ Bank
  • USD (USDT TRC20): Binance, OKX, Kraken, WaveWallet

Players can choose to deposit or withdraw money into any bank account they want. However, when a player withdraws money, it can only be transferred to the bank account under the player’s name.

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4 thoughts on “What Are The Best Features You Can Have In BK959 Casino?”

  1. BK959 is a very honest and good service betting company. I have been joining member for almost 2 years, and I will continue to play with them.

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