Sport Betting is the most popular online betting activity in Myanmar and perhaps the world, and sports events include Soccer, Football, E-Sports, Golf, Bowling, Badminton, and more. Each different type of sport has its own game rules to win and different viewing experience. According to data from 2022 to 2023 June, more than 46% of gamblers are betting on sports betting, followed by slot machine games at 38%. 

There are hundreds or even thousands of reasons that people love betting on sports events through online betting sites. For example, when you bet on a team with real money and watch the match, you will feel more in the match and feel the excitement, which has nothing to do with the bet amount.

Besides, sport betting has many types for players to choose from, not just betting for the team to win or lose. Some betting types need more calculation and are mainly the choice of expert gamblers. For instance, the most popular betting type in Asia-Pacific – Handicap (HDP) can choose the team to give or take extra scores on actual scores to make the match more even and exciting.

The popularity of each sport is different in each region. We will use real data from the entire Asian region to analyse which sports are the most popular in 2023.

sport betting soccer

1. Soccer (Association Football)

Undoubtedly, Soccer has been the most famous sport since the 1800s, when missionaries and traders introduced it to Africa. In Soccer, it’s harder to get a score than in other sports for sure, which make this sport more exciting than other. Also, the four progress of the 90-minute game Soccer – Flight, Collaboration, Score, and Celebrations make almost everyone crazy for it.

In Asia, over 80% of bettors love to bet on Handicap, Over/Under, Mix Parlay, Myanmar Odds, Correct Score, and Outrights. Bettors can watch the game and place their bets from time to time. Typically, the match will stop accepting betting a few minutes before the game ends.

  • Game Time: 90 minutes (Two 45-minute halves)
  • Number of Players: 22-24 (Each team 11-12)
  • Major League: English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, The Serie A, Ligue 1
  • Betting Types: MY Odds Handicap, Myanmar Odds Handicap, Over/Under, 1X2, Mix Parlay, Outright, First Goal/Last Goal, Correct Score. 

Martial Arts

2. Martial Arts (Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing)

If you have ever watched a martial arts game such as Muay Thai on live streaming TV or in the audience, you must be surprised about this sport. Look at these two athletes trying their best to knock down the opponent every second and using their footwork and body flexibility to defend the attack. 

The Burmese mixed martial artist now plays in ONE Championship – Aung La Maung Nsang, also called The Burmese Python, has an impression result of 68.18% winning rate. His last match was against Chinese player – Fan Rong, and he scored a wicked submission win.

With BK959, members can place their bet on the early market or today’s market quickly and easily on sport betting page with only a minimum bet of MMK 1,000. 

  • Game Time: 9 minutes (Three rounds of 3-minute each)
  • Number of Players: 2 (1 v 1 mode)
  • Major League: World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Council (WBC), International Boxing Federation, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), ONE Championship (ONE FC)
  • Betting Types: Fight Winner (Money Line), Handicap, Over/Under
badminton sport

3. Badminton

Badminton is popular in Asia because everyone who is new to this sport can quickly learn basic techniques and game rules and have fun with their family or friends. The most exciting part of this game is that the player can hit many difficult skill shots with one racket, and their movement speed looks simple but extremely flexible to the next point.

People love to bet on badminton because it’s much easier to predict the winner than other sport betting events since the level gap of players is tough to beat. For example, in the Lin Dan & Lee Chong Wei era, only a few players could win two rounds in their hands. On the contrary, most players leave the game with the regret of the defeat result.

  • Game Time: No time limit (Three rounds of 21 points)
  • Number of Players: 2-4 (1 v 1 or 2 v 2 mode)
  • Major League: BWF World Championships, Olympic, All England Open Badminton Championships, Thomas Cup, Sudirman Cup
  • Betting Types: Handicap, Over/Under, Money Line
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