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What makes Pragmatic Play’s Slot Game Popular in Myanmar

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Nowadays, most online slot game players in Myanmar must have heard of an E-games provider: Pragmatic Play (PP slot). Since 2022, this digital slot game provider has gained a lot of positive feedback from players for several reasons. Here are some of the most important reasons:

Smooth gaming experience without lagging

Many slot games have a common issue: always lagging, which can cause the loss of free games or the jackpot. Pragmatic Play has no lagging problem at all, mainly due to two reasons. First, they reduced more than 60% of image size by replacing JPG & PNG with WebP; Second, PP Slot coded all their games in HTML, which can deliver a faster response to end-user by 30%. With these improvements, players can enjoy slot games with Pragmatic Play extremely smoothly with any smartphone, desktop, tab, and laptop model.

Highest Free Game & Jackpot appearance rate

Big wins mostly get from Free Game and Jackpot, so the appearance rate of these contests definitely affects the winning percentage. Pragmatic Play announced that they have the highest appearance rate for these contests in the market, which is 11%, which means that every 100 spins will have 11 times of Free Game or Jackpot.

Eye-blooming E-games video effect

An excellent effect of E-games is one of the reasons that Pragmatic Pray became so popular in Myanmar. Many people yearn for land-based casinos because they want the HD video effect and the deafening sound of winning. As a top online slot game provider in Myanmar, Pragmatic Play makes all the graphic effects remarkable.

Exclusive feature events for Burmese Players

A feature event could bring more funs and benefits to players by giving out special bonus. Pragmatic holds different events from time to time, such as Daily Wins Tournaments, New Year Lucky Draw, Spin Score Free Cash Drop, Rolling King Prize, and many more.

Daily Wins Tournament of Pragmatic Play

Extreme low minimum bet requirement

Unlike most slot games, players can start betting from only MMK 200 to a maximum of MMK 1,000,000 in PP Slot. This setting can fulfill some players’ needs which their aim isn’t winning the game but wanting to pass the time.


We summarise the top 5 reasons Pragmatic Play’s slot game is popular in Burma. Now everyone can enjoy it by signing up an account with BK959 at all times and have a satisfying gaming experience.

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