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What Types of Slots Games Are Easy to Win Big?

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Every gambler wants to get as much extra money from slots games as possible at a lower spent. First, we need to know what the critical points of a slot game could win big; then, we can find out what type of slots games is the best option to place the bet. Also, every slots game is unique due to different settings and game modes, so finding the suitable game for your betting behavior would increase a lot of fun and get money into your pocket more faster.

Besides Return to Player percentage (RTP%), game release time, slots volatility, feature game, win line payout, and line quantity can all affect whether a player wins more real money to pocket. For example, a slot game with a feature game will have a lower win-line payout and lower slot volatility, which means players can easily hit a small win and get some extra income from the feature game.

In this post, we will explain to you clearly and briefly what these slot game key terms mean clearly and briefly. Additionally, at the end of this post, there are some excellent slot games that we highly recommend you play on BK959.

Slot Game Key Terms Explanation 

  • RTP% – This percentage returns to players via winning from total stakes received from the game. The higher percentage means players can get more returns.
  • Game Release Time – The official release time of the game. The newest game is usually easier to win since the game provider wants some attention to the game. 
  • Slots Volatility – A risk metric of how often players can hit a winning in the slot game and how big they can win. The higher slots volatility can win bigger prizes but rarely hit the timing of winning; the lower slots volatility can often get a win, but the amount is just little. 
  • Feature – A game feature aims to let players get some extra fun and win from a specific scenario, such as Free Spin, Progressive Jackpot, Double Up, Scatter, Turnover Competition, and more.
  • Win Line Payout – A minimum and maximum amount of a player can win from a stake in a line. A different symbol would have a different payout when the symbol drop on a line.
  • Line Quantity – The quantity of winning or payout lines in the game. Winning can be repeated when slot symbols land on different paylines. The highest is 243 lines, also known as 243 ways slot.
  • Bet Limit Per Line – Maximum and minimum bet amounts per single payline. The higher the bet limit, the greater the chance of getting a big win. 

Real Money Slots Games Recommendation

888King Slots Games Pragmatic Play
  • 888 Dragons
ProviderPragmatic Play
Game Release TimeSeptember 2023
Slots VolatilityHigh
Feature Only 3 Symbols of Dragon
Win Line Payout5 – 100 Times
Line Quantity1 Line
Bet Limit Per LineMMK 200 – 750
slot game preview monkey warrior
  • Monkey Warrior
ProviderPragmatic Play
Game Release TimeSeptember 2023
Slots VolatilityMedium
Feature Wild, Free Spins, Money Respin, Mini Game
Win Line Payout0.4 – 20 Times
Line Quantity243 Lines
Bet Limit Per LineMMK 10 – 75 (Minimum 25 Lines)
game preview Fortune Tree
  • Fortune Tree
Game Release TimeSeptember 2023
Slots VolatilityLow
FeatureWild, Pokes Lucky Pack, Golden Tree
Win Line Payout3 – 1,200 Times
Line Quantity30 Lines
Bet Limit Per LineMMK 100 – 200,000
progressive slots Captains Treasure
  • Captains Treasure Progressive
ProviderJoker Gaming
Game Release TimeFebruary 2020
Slots VolatilityMedium
FeatureProgressive Jackpot, Scatter
Win Line Payout2 – Unlimited Times
Line Quantity9 Lines
Bet Limit Per LineMMK 100 – 500,000
Honey Trap of Diao Chan pg soft
  • Honey Trap of Diao Chan
ProviderPG Soft
Game Release TimeSeptember 2023
Slots VolatilityHigh
Win Line Payout20 – 100,000 Times
Line Quantity243 Lines
Bet Limit Per LineMMK 100 – 300,000

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