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The Never-Stop Myanmar Cockfighting Betting

You may spot at least ten different sports bookmakers across Myanmar. Still, you won’t find any standard cockfight bookmaker as big as BK959’s SV388. Since 2005, SV388 has been the only bookmaker that provides non-stop online cockfighting matches in Asia. Initially, SV388 struggled with making the live-fighting cock interface fit with any screen. SV388 app, back in 2017, encountered many problems. One of the noticeable ones is its iOS access. At that time, iOS phone users could not download the SV388 app and were limited to only accessing SV388 on web browsers.

SV388 had integrated at least 32 technologies to run online cockfighting in the iGaming industry. However, on 5 October 2015, SV388 removed 23 technologies from its official site,, and added new technology on 30 September 2023. The biggest cockfighting service provider hosts its domain in the US with high-security performance using a CDN optimizing tool. To escape from technology trouble shootings, the SV388 company owner had come face to face with the Wwbet (WS Gaming) operator and offered to give its product access exclusively to Wwbet.

SV388 aims to access the most expensive technology run by legally so cockfight online bettors can experience better gameplay quality and fast-paced loading speed without any troubles. With the partnership in 2017 between SV388 and Wwbet, Sv388 seeks more ways to extend its gambling products besides live cockfighting matches. If you go to SV388, you can bet more than just one game, including slot and live casino games from Jili, Jdb, Sexy Baccarat, Venus Casino, and so on.

BK959 Hosts The Biggest Webcam Cockfight Betting in Real-Time

Players in Myanmar highly demand live cockfighting due to the country’s restrictions on hosting cockfight arenas. Players seek ways for years and finally land on the best and the biggest webcam cockfight at BK959 casino. Without any hesitation, the BK959 operator spends over 2500 lakhs Myanmar kyats to host non-stop live fighting cock events on its official website. SV388 is our primary provider that commits to offering more than 50 live cockfight betting matches at BK959 casino.

Each cockfight match takes place from different channels and match codes. SV388 hosts around 10 channels: CPC1, CPC3, CPC4, TH7A, TH7C, PO1, PO3, SB2, ZA2, PC1 and more. The match code displays differently. For example, the match code in SV388’s PO1 channel is PHI 110. The minimum bet per cockfight match is 1 unit (1000 kyats), and the maximum limit is 200 units (200,000 kyats).

How Myanmar Fighting Cock Is Formed into An Online Gambling

It started with an old day when young and older people gathered in small groups inside the village and showed off their roosters to each other. If some audience agrees to bet on a specific match, the owner of two roosters would make it happen. They put one rooster facing another rooster, or sometimes they try to make the two roosters get angry with each other to cause a fierce fight.

When the fight happens, the two owners and the audience must give enough space for the two cocks to fight. The old-fashioned Cockfight becomes more popular. Cockfight lovers improve the open-space fighting environment by developing a small cockpit for two roosters to attack each other and find a winner. A few days before a match, the owner usually treats and feeds their rooster very well in the hope of winning the upcoming match.

Right before the game starts, the croupier will tie the two gamecocks’ legs with small fabric in different colors to assist the gamblers’ guidance on the side of the rooster that they bet in the fight. The gamecock match per round is unpredictable because it depends on the environment and whether the two roosters want to fight each other or not. Some matches can be made successfully, while others are void due to abnormal behaviors of the roosters.

How to Bet Online Cockfight in Myanmar

To bet online cockfighting in Myanmar, you must find a trusted casino that provides cockfighting games. BK959 Casino is one of the most trusted brands that offer non-stop live cockfight bets with a 100% welcome bonus. Therefore, you can start from there.

1. Register a BK959 account and claim a 100% welcome bonus

Firstly, you must register your online account with BK959 casino for lifetime rewards. By registering a BK959 casino account, you are required to submit your Full name, Password, and Confirm Password. For the first deposit, a BK959 member is eligible to receive a 100% welcome bonus, which is the amount of 300,000 kyats. Payment types include KBZ pay, AYA bank, USDT, KBZ bank, Wave money, and CB bank.

2. Proceed to Cockfight and Play SV388

Secondly, you navigate through the BK959 website and find the top page, “Cockfight,” to access cockfight betting. Once clicked on Cockfight, the SV388 product will automatically appear on the screen. Quickly press “Play” and proceed to the online cockfight matches. SV388 will show you the running gamecock matches with previous statistics, cockfight channels, and betting columns: Meron, BDD, and Wala.

3. Wager on Cockfight: Meron, BDD or Wala

There are three columns you can wager on while betting on gamecocks. Meron is a red rooster and Wala is a blue rooster. The odd price is different in every match. If Meron is believed to be stronger than Wala, Meron’s odds will be lower than Wala’s rooster. As the match is coming close to start, the odds also change frequently. BDD is a tie bet. When both roosters die, the payout is eight times the initial bet amount. If you bet 1000 kyats on BDD odd and the outcome is BDD, you win 8,000 kyats.

4. Withdraw Your Money From BK959 Casino Account

The initial 100% bonus you claim comes with turnover or winover requirements. So please bet until you reach the condition. If you choose winover 100% welcome bonus, you must win x6 times your balance and bonus money before withdrawal. For example, you deposit 100,000 kyats and receive 100,000 kyats. Your casino account gets 200,000 kyats x 6= 1,200,000. When you want to proceed with the withdrawal, please go to the BK959 official site and request a withdrawal by specifying your amount, bank information, and that’s it. For quick service, you can request a withdrawal amount from the BK959 customer service team, and they will assist you quickly.

5. Re-Top Up Credit

When you want to play BK959 casino games again, you can deposit your money into one of our payment types. The bonus for the second deposit is a 10% reload bonus (winover & turnover) and a 20% monthly first deposit bonus. You can self-deposit on the BK959 website and start playing again in less than five minutes.

When the Live Cockfight Game Starts

The match starts at different times. If you want to know the exact time, you can check its one-month advanced schedule at SV388’s official website: Within the website’s main page, players are able to see all the matches from day one until day 30 of the month. Some days have more matches than others.

Why BK959’s Cockfight Events Are Hosted in the Philippines

Countries in Asia never have a law on cockfighting in place. Luckily, the Philippines created a legal cockpit that the government licenses. There are 114 million people in the Philippines, and millions are cockfight gamblers. Cockfight is a signature gambling game in the Philippines that runs 24-hour even at midnight. During a barangay fiesta, cockfights are permitted by the local chief executive of the city. Thus, Sv388’s cockfight matches are live-streamed from the Philippines.

Watch BK959’s Cockfight Games for Free

If you are afraid that you are not an expert to bet real money on Cockfight yet, please feel free to watch any live games at BK959 casino. Upon freeing three live cockfight matches, you will be led to leave the Sv388 lobby. However, you can click on Sv388 again to watch more free cockfight videos without depositing any money. BK959 players can watch real-time live video cockfights from morning until dawn. If they wish for a bigger screen, they can connect the cockfight account to television and enjoy the experience with their friends and family.

Three Main Tips to Bet Online Cockfighting Games at BK959

Cockfighting gamblers must dive deep into the strength of a rooster to draw the best conclusion. For this reason, older people with more cockfighting experience can spot more robust chickens than others. However, with these three tips, regardless of how young you are, you can have a higher chance of winning cockfight betting at BK959.

1. Check The Rooster’s Appearance

The strong and healthy rooster has shiny feathers, which show its positive energy to beat the other party. Also, a strong cock can jump and fly more enthusiastically than a weak rooster. They appear to use their horny projecting jaws with immense confidence.

2. Read Match History

Checking through the statistic bar, cockfight gamblers spot the rooster with higher winning frequency. Similar to the old-fashion fighting cock, online cockfight game creates statistics that show win, loss, and tie. Therefore, as a cockfight gambler, you need to wager on Meron or Wala with the best-winning record on the list.

3. Best Small As A Starter

Even though you appear to be a cockfight expert in a walk-in cockfighting cockpit, playing online cockfighting gambling is slightly different. You must know how to navigate the cockfight video with a good Internet connection and get familiar with the cockfight preparation time and betting. Moreover, it would be best if you waited until you mastered selecting a chip and placed it on betting columns: Meron, Wala, BDD, and so on. That is why start a small bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because BK959 casino is the only exclusive partner of SV388 based in Myanmar. We guarantee if players encounter any troubleshoots, they can directly contact to BK959 team and get immediate assistance. BK959 also provides SV388’s advanced cockfight schedule if requested.

The payout of a cockfighting game is based on players’ betting money. For example, if Player San wagered 500 units on Wala at odd 1.09. If Wala wins in the match, San wins 1.09×500 = 545 units.

Cockfight betting is restricted in Myanmar. Myanmar cockfight gamblers can only make a real money bet through online gambling. They can view non-stop live cockfight webcams from a licensed walk-in casino in the Philippines and Cambodia.

Yes, you can. For regular accounts, BK959 Casino only allows betting 200 units per match. However, a player with a VIP account can request to bet up to 10,000 units per match. Contact our expert customer service team for VIP account activation.

BK959 is an authorized shareholder of SV388 Company. We have partnered in cooperation to provide online gambling products and high-end iGaming technology since 2017.

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