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With a mobile-friendly interface and a high winning rate as targets, the slot games of Fa Chai Gaming have become one of Asia’s top brands. Let’s find out more about Fa Chai with the following details.

About Fa Chai Gaming Myanmar

Fa Chai creates thrilling, original, and incredibly captivating games for online casino players worldwide. The company has everything in their hands to make good games. Fa Chai has contemporary technology, talented software engineers, and marketing specialists. 

Fa Chai aims to produce high-quality gaming titles consistently and reliably. Using the state-of-the-art features of the HTML5 development framework, Fa Chai produces a wide variety of game titles that are seamlessly accessible on desktop and mobile platforms.

Distinctive Real Money Online Casino Game Features

Regarding game features, Fa Chai delivers classic and creative casino games with signature masterpieces. They include Dozer, fishing, and slots. Each game is accessible with all ranges of devices due to HTML5, Web, and Android technology.
Unlike many other games from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, Fa Chai Casino can be cash in or out with real money, meaning players can use any bank account or payment gate in Myanmar to buy game credits of FC Gaming with the trusted online casino company – BK959 Casino.

The Most Mobile-Friendly Slot Games in Myanmar

You will always experience a different slot game with other providers. Fa Chai is a new face in the iGaming market, but it can offer something very unique and creative. Although there are only 36 slots in Fa Chai, all games are famous and extravagant.
FaChai slots focus on rewarding experience by offering additional features during spin and re-spin games. In one single spin, you can experience re-spin, on-screen multiplier, and clear-wild symbol at the same time. This is the best provider for anyone who bet a big amount per spin.

The Most Famous Slot Game in Fa Chai - Coin Dozer

Coin Dozer is an ambitious game. All coins can be reflected and seen so players know when and where to drop coins. By just dropping coins, players can win more coins in return. Fa Chai, as a matter of fact, is the original creator of the coin pusher or coin dozer, and everyone knows this game via game centers across supermarkets or shopping malls.
Now, they has brought an online version of Coin Dozer into casinos where players can play with smartphones and computers. The game is essential for Fai Chai’s brand, and they put all their efforts into making Coin Dozer the greatest game of all time. With bright graphics and an appealing theme, the Coin Dozer continues to visually and financially attract casino players who love betting real money.

How to Play Fa Chai's Coin Dozer In The Right Way?

As the name suggests, the coin pusher features 3-reel and 3-row slots with a Chain Combo gameplay. This feature allows players to catch free spins and bonus multipliers. Besides, coin dozer generates a fortune and big money for players. The game creates a win of up to 1000x the stake. To start enjoying the game, please find an online casino that is partnered with Fa Chai Gaming. Then, log in to your personal account with your username and password.
Going to the game category section, you can choose one of the coin Dozer games: Circus Dozer, Fa Chai Dozer, and Money Tree Dozer. Among the three games, Circus Dozer stands in the category of “highly recommended”. The Circus gives higher multiplier wins to players up to 2000x, while the other two can pay only 1000x. So, if you want a game with a 2000x maximum win, Circus Dozer will be perfect for you.

Fishing Game With Highest Payout In The Market

Fishing game is known by everyone for its highest payout and various rewards and skill-based games. FC Gaming invented a fishing gun and themes to maximize the winning potential. Players are guaranteed to happily play in brand-new ocean fishing scenery and win more money.
There are six SPECIAL fishing games in Fa Chai:

  1. Gods Grant Fortune
  2. Star Hunter
  3. FaChai Fishing
  4. Fierce Fishing
  5. Monkey King Fishing
  6. Bao Chuan Fishing

You are about to have an exciting experience with highest payout fishing games! First, you may explore the fish hunter Fa Chai Fishing with a golden dragon as a main character. The game yields payout up to 1000x, and the RTP rate is 97%. The game is designed to be an absolute blast in the iGaming industry. All the fishing games allows up to six players to collect prizes under the deep ocean.

Best-To-Try Online Casino Games Myanmar

Fa Chai is one of Asia’s top gaming providers of slot machines, fishing, arcade and table games. With its tempting features, user-friendly interface, and varied-reward payouts, their slot and fishing provides a memorable gaming experience. Thanks to the cutting-edge capabilities of the HTML5 development framework, players can access it across all platforms, including mobile and desktop devices.

Apart from this, a player review can help us understand real-life experiences and make the right decisions. Here are some Fa Chai-related reviews from BK959’s player in Myanmar:

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Love this game so much!!! It perfectly fits my iphone screen. No need to download, can login and play easily, withdraw also very fast!
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The design and effects of FC games are special and eye-catching. I want to suggest to add more games and add jackpot feature.
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Pragmatic Play and Fa Chai are my favourite games of all time. Also I want to Thanks to BK959 for always giving free bonus to me.
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Last week, I won 83 lakhs from Crazy Buffalo, and they withdrew the money to my Kbz bank in 10 minutes, which really surprised me.
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I can't believe this game can bring so much fun. My friends and I now gather at night to play together with some drinks.

Banking Details & Methods - BK959

Fa Chai does not have a member website where players can log in and play directly. However, it does cooperate with well-known local online casino platforms such as BK959, which allow the casino platform to plug in its games. In that case, members can register an account with the platform and start playing Fa Chai with real money or preview all the games in a demo.

  • Min Deposit: 10,000 Kyats
  • Max Deposit: Unlimited
  • Min Withdrawal: 20,000 Kyats
  • Max Withdrawal Per Day: 100,000,000 Kyats
  • Deposit Processing Time: 1-3mins
  • Withdrawal Processing Time: 5-30mins

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