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How do I register an online account at BK959 casino?

Visit our website and open your online betting account in the “Register” section. After your registration is successful, please deposit your cash 10,000MMK or above and claim a new customer bonus. Then you will be all set to start your games!

What age is qualified to gamble online at BK959?

You must be 18 or above in Myanmar to own an online casino account. We will verify your age by requiring the date of birth information when you register with BK959

How do I play BK959 casino games online?

Firstly, you must register a member account with BK959 casino and deposit at least 10,000MMK. Then select our payment methods: WavePay, KBZ Bank, KBZ Pay, Yoma Bank, CB Bank, AYA Bank, USDT (TRC20), and USDT(ERC20). Finally, start playing your games. We offer many online slots, fish games, sports betting, cockfighting, lottery, live casino games, and more. If you win money, please kindly contact our professional customer support team to proceed withdrawal transaction for you.

How do I make money at BK959 casino?

Every game is profitable and requires different strategies to win the odds. To improve your chances of making money, choose the game you are most familiar with. Another way to make money from BK959 online casino is to become our partner. Register your agent account, start promoting our company to earn players then get paid monthly.


Is depositing with BK959 safe?

BK959 is a licensed casino that players in Asia have recognized. We adhere to the fair gameplay imposed by PAGCOR. Depositing your credit is safe with our convenient payment methods and client management system.

What banking methods can I use to deposit?

BK959 provides eight different payment methods, including WavePay, KBZ Bank, KBZ Pay, Yoma Bank, CB Bank, AYA Bank, USDT (TRC20), and USDT(ERC20). One player can use more than one payment system to cash in credits.

How long does it take to cash out my winnings?

Each bank has its daily limit transfer. If you use CB bank, you can cash out 200 million MMK daily, while KBZ Bank only allows 1,500,000 MMK daily. However, BK959 has a unique access membership with our partnering banks and agents. You can cash out unlimited balance daily, and we cover the transfer fee for you.

Are there any limits on deposit and withdrawal amounts?

We provide wagering services for both regular players and high-rollers. Therefore, the deposit and withdrawal amounts are unlimited.

What currencies can I play in?

We accept two main currencies in Myanmar: the US dollar and Myanmar kyats.


When was the BK959 online casino created?

BK959 was founded in 2019 and was first set up in Myanmar. In 2020, we expanded our company and operate our offices in Thailand and the Philippines.

How many gaming software developers are available at BK959 online casino?

Throughout these years, we have partnered with the world’s leading gaming software and products as follows: 

Sports Betting: WS Sports 

Live Casino: Allbet, Sa36, CT855, AE Sexy, ION, FGG and Big Gaming 

Slot Games: Pragmatic Play, Jili, Live22, PG Soft, Joker Gaming, Spade Gaming 

Fish Games: Live22, Joker Gaming, Spade Gaming 

Cockfight: SV388 

Lottery & Keno: FaChai, HariHariMau (2D, 3D, 4D)

Is BK959 online casino licensed?

BK959 gained the official license from PAGCOR (The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation). It is owned 100% by the government under the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

How many active members are playing at BK959 casino?

From 2019 until 2024, BK959 has an active membership of over 130,000.

What are BK959 gaming principles?

Our principles have five main goals: F I R S T (Flexibility, Incredible, Rewards, Safety, Trustworthy).

How many staffs do BK959 have?

BK959 online casino has 300+ employees in three countries: Myanmar, Thailand, and the Philippines.


What kinds of games are available at BK959?

At BK959, you’ll find all the modern and classic games with exciting variations, such as online slot games, fish betting games, cockfight betting, arcade games, Bingo games, live dealer games, and more. Besides casino games, BK959 offers the exclusive sports betting platform that every sports punter is looking for. With a simple layout and lucrative odds, Burmese sports fans will keep returning for more.

How do progressive jackpots work at BK959 Slot?

To win the life-changing jackpot, players can choose to spin progressive slot games. Progressive jackpots can be unlocked every day depending on the game you choose to play and the progressive accumulating amount you can win. It usually involves a hundred million kyats payout. When you win a jackpot from BK959, you can withdraw 100% of the jackpot amount.

What is the payout percentage for BK959 slot games?

A payout percentage refers to RTP (Return to Player) rate. BK959 offers a good win rate of 98.7% or above for online slots and fish games. This is the highest RTP percentage you can ever find in online casinos in Asia.

Is casino gambling at BK959 expensive?

At BK959, you can spend as much or as little as you can afford. Our minimum deposit is 10,000MMK or above. You can deposit the amount that you are comfortable with. Online gambling can be addictive. You can always set a budget limit and control how much you spend on your betting account.

What are live dealer casino games?

Live dealer games set is the same as playing at a land-based venue. They offer real-life dealers at real gaming tables, with all the interaction beamed directly to your computer and mobile screen via a live video feed. In live leader games, you can play a large variety of top-class games, including online Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, Fan Tan, and many more.

Does BK959 online casino work with Apple MacOS?

BK959 casino platform uses high-end technology and can optimize the gaming experience on all devices, including Apple MacOS, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Can I play online casino games from a mobile device?

Yes, you can. All games available at BK959 are compatible with all mobile devices.


What are WS sports betting?

WS Sports is an online sportsbook betting platform that WanSheng Gaming has developed as one of its main products. WS Sportsbook offers bettors up to 10 markets for every soccer event. It covers more than 20 different types of sports, including soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, E-sports, and more.

What are the odd types of sports betting?

WS Sports offer you five different types of odds: Malay odds, Euro odds, Hong Kong odds, Myanmar odds, and Indo odds. With various bet options for every taste, WS sports betting will be the right choice for you.

How does Live Mix Parlay work in WS sports betting?

Live Mix Parlay was created for those who want predictions in real time. Predicting winners with this innovative product will be easier and more profitable for every sports bettor. With up to 12 matches on one ticket, you’ll have an excellent chance of winning more than you think.

Can I stream sports match videos in real time?

WS sports betting provides the most convenient sports-watching experience! You can watch live streaming sports matches with the LIVE TV widget. Click any match that you want to watch at any time.

What makes WS sports betting different from others?

WS sports offers a larger betting market than any other sportsbook. It supports ten markets in every sports match. With WS Sportsbook’s innovative bet types and unique wagering experience, you will be satisfied and come back for more!

Why choose WS sports betting?

(1) 10 Markets
WS Sports has offered ten betting markets for every event, more than any other company in Asia. This allows players to have their pick from a fantastic selection and gives them greater control over where they want it placed!
(2) GLI Certified
WS Sports is certified by GLI (Gaming Laboratories International) gaming system. WS sports is committed to providing you with a safe environment that complies with standard guidelines with jurisdiction.
(3) AI System
The new AI system from WS Sports has revolutionized the industry. With this revolutionary technology, WS sports betting can offer better odds than ever with no error market odds.
(4) Higher Profit
Through the analysis, WS Sports earns a higher profit than most other sportsbook companies.

Are the WS Sports Odds stable?

WS Sports offer you five different types of odds: Malay odds, Euro odds, Hong Kong odds, Myanmar odds, and Indo odds. With various bet options for every taste, WS sports betting will be the right choice for you.


What does BK959 offer to new registered members?

New members of BK959 are entitled to choose one of the two 100% welcome bonuses. The first option is 100% bonus cash will follow the x8 time turnover, which works this way: (Deposit amount + bonus cash) x8. You can select another option of 100% new member Winover, which means your wallet must reach x6 times to withdraw winning cash. For example: 

1. 100% New Customer Bonus (Turnover) 

Deposit amount: 40,000MMK 

Bonus cash given: 40,000MMK 

Turnover requirement: (40,000MMK + 40,000MMK) x 8 = 640,000MMK 

2. 100% New Customer Bonus (Winover) 

Deposit amount: 40,000MMK 

Bonus cash given: 40,000MMK 

Wallet requirement (Winover amount): (40,000MMK + 40,000MMK) x 6 = 480,000MMK

Are there any free bets for sports betting?

BK959 does not offer free bets, but we give 100% cashback on soccer’s first bet (Winover). The maximum cashback is worth 100,000 kyats. To be qualified, you must deposit 30,000 kyats or above. Before withdrawal, your balance must reach x2 times. For example: Deposit amount: 30,000MMK Bonus cash given: 30,000MMK Wallet requirement (Winover amount): (30,000MMK + 30,000MMK) x 2 = 120,000MMK

How many types of bonuses are available for existing players?

There are two types of bonuses offered to existing members. 

1. 10% Unlimited Reload Bonus (Turnover) 

Deposit amount: 50,000MMK 

Bonus cash given: 5,000MMK 

Turnover requirement: (50,000MMK + 5,000MMK) x 5 = 275,000MMK 

2. 10% Unlimited Reload Bonus (Winover) 

Deposit amount: 50,000MMK 

Bonus cash given: 5,000MMK 

Wallet requirement (Winover amount): (50,000MMK + 5,000MMK) x 4 = 220,000MMK

Is there any promotion for lottery betting?

For lottery fan, BK959 gives away free 1,000ks exclusively for lottery 4D bet on every deposit.

What is the BK959 weekly promotion?

All BK959 members are entitled to claim a 20% first deposit bonus once a month. The turnover requirement is only four times.

What is the BK959 monthly promotion?

Every week, we will recruit 33 lucky winners. To qualify for the weekly lucky draw, the player must deposit 10,000 kyats or above to have one lucky draw ticket. The lucky time will be held at 11:59 pm every Friday.

Is there any special bonus?

BK959 offers a substantial happy birthday bonus of up to 2 lakhs for every member. To make a withdrawal, the player must reach x2 time turnover.

Are there any game restrictions if I play with a bonus?

All bonuses available at BK959 apply to all games. Each bonus has different wagering requirements.


How to contact BK959 Myanmar for feedback?

Live Chat: Kindly visit 24/7 live chat for fast assistance.

Phone Call: +95(0)99 8161 9999



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