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Do you want to play an online gambling casino game that involves skills rather than a classic Random Number Generator (RNG)? BK959 offers a magic collection of online fish games. You can now use your skills and earn real money winnings. Furthermore, live fish games come with different terminology in online fish shooting casinos in Myanmar. It is also called a fish game, fish betting table game, online fishing game, fish shooting game, fishing casino, or fish arcade game. Being a number-one fishing game casino in Myanmar, BK959 incorporates eight different software solution suppliers. We provide the most extensive range of live fish shooting games. They include Jili, Joker123, KA, Playstar, Fa Chai, CQ9, Spade and Funky.

How Myanmar ONLINE Fish Shooting Games Work

There is a tiny percentage that live fish shooting game involves luck. It means Burmese players cannot put money into their pockets if they don’t have the skills to use bullets and shoot fish underwater. In online fish game scenes, there are regular fish and king fish or sometimes we call special big boss fish. The bigger the fish you shoot down, the higher your payout. For example, in the Jili Boom Legend fish game, Myanmar players can win a potential payout of x888 when killing a golden crocodile. The crocodile is the symbol of the multiplied jackpot in the game. The canon costs from 0.02 to 5 per bullet. Therefore, if you set your bullet to 1 unit and happen to kill the target crocodile, you receive 888 units into your balance. 888 units are in 888,000 Myanmar kyats.

Top-Rated Daily Fish Game App in Myanmar

One of the top-ranking 3D fishing casino apps is Daily Fish. This app is especially owned by a Myanmar developer who successfully launched it in 2020. Daily Fish offers a free Android fishing game that allows Burmese players to enjoy games without Ads. Not only does Daily Fish come with an Ads-free version, but the Daily Fish app also uses exclusive Burmese language and voice-over to assist Burmese players in the gameplay. Daily Fish app designs 3D graphics and many antique fish characters.

They include Sea Pirates, Golden Crab, Giant Shark, and Giant Sea Demon. If you download the Daily Fish app, there are many advantages. Myanmar players can get extra gold coins, free phone bills, daily gameplay gifts, treasure boxes, and more. That is why, since the day Daily Fish was found on the Play Store, it still stands as the best 3D online fishing game in Myanmar. 

The Most-Played Live Fish Games For Real Money Online in Myanmar

1. Jili Fish Shooting Game “Happy Fishing”

You can be happy by the name of Happy Fishing. This version of an online fish shooting game gives you the feeling of classic styles and a rewarding atmosphere. Happy Fishing captures more than 10,000 online Myanmar players at BK959 casino after we upgrade the NEW x5 Multiplier Super Prize and Fishing Jackpot. For this reason, BK959 fishing game players are more excited than ever to know that one fish they killed can be multiplied by five times the winnings. For example, if you adjust the bullet to 0.2 (200 kyats) per bullet, you shoot down a golden manta bay. You can win x55 (x200 kyat) which equals to 11,000 kyats. However, with the multiplier super prize x5, you will win 11,000 x 5 = 55,000 kyats.

Happy Fishing players are happy to kill an unlimited amount of fish. They have a chance to multiply their wins by x2 x3 to x5. The maximum payout is x950. You can also aim your bullets at various fish. Those sea fish are monkfish, clownfish, huge clownfish, golden clownfish, huge angelfish, golden manta bay, and treasure octopus. And the x5 super prize is waiting for you. Suppose you want to practice a fish shooting game at Jili Happy Fishing. In that case, you can go to Jili’s official website and receive 2000 free credits. The bullet cost ranges from 0.1, 0.2 to 10. Happy Fishing is the best live fish shooting game online in Myanmar that ever double-pays players with additional multipliers.

2. Playstar Gaming Live Fish Shooting Game “Fishing Fafafa”

Powered by Playstar Gaming, Fishing Fafafa is known as the leading live-animated fish game, marking the best color effects. The graphics are made in 3D. It reflects a golden sparkling color on most of the main fish under the crystal blue ocean. Moreover, BK959 Myanmar players can shoot down Fishing Fafafa in three sections: Fun Room (0.10-2), Rich Room (1-20), and VIP Room (10-20) with the maximum payout return of 3000X. Playstar’s Fishing Fafafa or Fafafa Fishing supports more functions to assist online players in killing the fish.

The fishing game enables online fish hunters to use speed-up shooting, auto fishing, and shoot selected aimed fish. If auto fishing is ON, players can choose any fish display on the screen (18X to 500X). The auto-fishing function in Fafafa Fishing welcomes multiple fish settings. In addition, you can choose from one targeted fish to 16 fish. They include a giant crab carrying a golden treasure pot, a big green turtle and a huge red crab, a giant octopus sticking to a red envelope, a golden four-reel slot machine, and more.

When a four-reel golden slot appears, it invites players to win the super prize 3000X. If you open the red envelope after shooting down the giant octopus, you can win a fabulous prize of 1000X. Once they enter the fishing room in Fafafa Fishing, players embrace full excitement by banging small fish quickly as they swim slowly in the crowd. As the swamp of small fish gradually disappears, the warm-up stage is over. Big Boss fish starts to appear, and Fafafa Fishing players can shoot them down individually. Specifically, big Boss Fish pays out from 18X to 110X. BK959 Myanmar players can play Fafafa Fishing that fit with all screen resolutions.

3. Spade Gaming ONLINE Fish Shooting Game “Fishing God”

Officially launched on Jan 03, 2020, Fishing God is still one of Myanmar’s best live Fish shooting games, with a monthly player of 9,158 at BK959 Casino (2023). Like Fishing Fafafa, there are three level options to enter the game in Fishing God: 0.01-1 Junior, 0.01-5 Expert, and 1-10 Godlike. The most popular Fishing God on Spade Gaming gives BK959 Myanmar players the best experience with a landscape gameplay interface with a wider screen and more explicit resolutions.

Fishing God invites fish-shooting players to kill more than 25 different fish types in which SPECIAL crabs and flash jellyfish give out the bigger multipliers. The fishing game features an exceptional range of 6 fire canons, which Burmese players can upgrade by increasing the canon betting size (the cost per bullet). Also, Fishing God players can enjoy five types of fire canons if betting less than 1 unit per bullet. The sixth special gunshot, which fires in two shooting ways, appears when the canon value is one or above.

Suppose you want to win fast money from Fishing God. In that case, you must adjust the fire canon value to 1 per bullet to use the particular fire gun that can kill sea fish faster x 5 times than a regular cannon. In this online fishing game, there is a golden fortune bag when you can fire and get to choose one bag among five and have the opportunity to win up to 200 times the return reward. Aim for Wheel Crab, too, because it can give players an immense fortune. By spinning the wheel of crabs, players can win 300 times the return reward. The Fishing God’s main character is the dragon king, who wears the king outfit with a crown holding a huge gold bar. Once you kill this big dragon king, you can win treasure 300X, including other amazing prizes.

How to Win Online Fish Game From BK959 Casino

1. Register BK959 Account

BK959 Myanmar is the first-party gambling website where Burmese gamblers can bet all games, from live slots, fishing games, live casinos, and online sports betting to live cockfighting, without switching different game accounts. Myanmar players can directly register on the BK959 website: After you enter the BK959 Myanmar website, you can go to the upper right screen and click on the register button to fill in the Handphone Number, Password, and Confirm Password. Please ensure that the Password and confirmed Password you enter are the same, then proceed to the “Register Now” button

2. Deposit 30,000 kyats or above and Claim a 100% Welcome Bonus

After you register your BK959 account, you will be led to a DEPOSIT section where you can choose to deposit money in MMK and select bonus type. At BK959 casino, registered customers can deposit from 30,000MMK to receive an additional 30,000MMK as a 100% welcome bonus. Six bonus types include New Member Bonus (100% Turnover), New Member Bonus (100% Winover), 100% Cash Back on Soccer First Bet, Unlimited Reload Bonus 10% (Turnover), Unlimited Reload Bonus 10% (Winover), and Monthly First Deposit Bonus 20%.

Suppose you want fast withdrawal without turnover conditions. In that case, you can select “No Bonus,” which comes with ONLY one-time turnover before withdrawing. Aside from bonus type selection, the next step is deposit bank options: KBZ Bank, KBZ Pay, CB Bank, AYA Bank, Wave Pay, USDT (ERC20), and USDT (TRC20). Finally, after you transfer to our bank account, please attach the receipt (the deposit transaction or screenshot) and click “Submit.”

3. Learn How Live Fish Game Works

To win live fish game, you must use real money to buy bullets and shoot guns toward the target fish to claim prizes. Fish Game Online is a multiplayer game setting that allows at least four players to capture fish together under the ocean. Players must aim at targeted sea creatures such as sea turtles, dragon kings, fire dragons, or mermaids, which at least enables 300X to 888X times return rewards. The more you use bullets to shoot at the same fish, the more you are likely to kill the fish.

4. Select The Fish Game Scene That You Are Excited to Play

Claiming the 100% welcome bonus from the BK959 online casino is already exciting. Now it is time to use the deposit and bonus real money balance to shoot the fish game that excites you the most. In BK959, there are over 100 fishing games that you can play online. Some popular fish games come from Joker123 providers, while other fishing games are from Jili, Fa Chai, and CQ9. The super HOT fishing games featuring super BIG prizes include Fish Hunter Haiba, Happy Fishing, Jackpot Fishing, Boom Legend, and more.

5. Shoot Slow If Aiming Smaller Fish

If you want to make every bullet count, producing prizes from smaller fish, please shoot bullets at the targeted fish slowly and surely. Most small sea fish count 2X to 15X times return rewards. If shot slowly at the head, you can easily capture small fish with just one or two bullets.

6. Shoot Fish Swimming in Group

Fish are unlikely to get captured if they swim alone or far away from the group. When fish swim in a swarm, even if you miss the shot from the primary target, you may capture another fish swimming. This technique works well and indeed makes you win prizes, but you must wait patiently for the fish to appear in groups to catch.

7. Chase The Special Fish When Having Enough Bullets

If you want to beat the special fish killed, you must have enough bullets. Because big sea fish characters count a massive prize from 50X to 3000X times return rewards. Therefore, you could fail to take them down with just a few bullets. It would be best to have a big fire cannon. Since it can kill big boss fish more quickly and sufficient bullets to shoot the target. With this combination, you will win more money than wasting on shots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is. The online fishing game become remarkably popular in Myanmar because it produces skill-based gameplay. Every player can enter the game and capture fish to win prizes. Fish shooting game online involves many strategies that are proven-tested. They include shooting fish at swamps, using bounce bullets, shooting less on smaller fish, and more. If you embark on the right strategies, you are ensured 100% to take money out of the online fishing games.

Playing fishing games, you can win unlimited units at BK959 casino, and withdraw to your bank account such as KBZ Pay, CB Bank, and AYA Bank. With the requirement deposit of 10,000MMK, you get ten units to fire up in fishing shooting. The higher the bullet value you adjust, the bigger your win will likely be. For example, suppose you shoot 1 unit per bullet and manage to capture a King Dragon at Fishing God. In that case, you win 300 units as return rewards. Three hundred units count as 300,000 kyats or three lakhs Myanmar kyats.

The latest fishing shooting games that you can play for real money online at BK959 casino are Spicy Fishing (PS-Playstar), Fishing Foodie (PS-Playstar), Dinosur Tycoon (Jili), Fish Hunter Haiba Jackpot (Joker123), and Fa Chai Fishing. New fishing scenes released in 2023 deliver capturing and remarkable gameplay in landscape interface and more functions to kill fish.

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