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BK959 Myanmar’s Live Keno Betting

BK959 Myanmar offers an all-around live keno betting experience by ensuring a fully-fledged game bundle with variety. When playing real-money Keno games with other online casinos, you might have a smaller selection. Moreover, BK959 Myanmar allows casino players to play over 10 Keno versions within the Keno category powered by Funky Game. You can play real money Keno seamlessly with the “Add to Favorite” function. Add any real cash Keno games you like and find them all in the Favorite list. Moreover, with the fast-paced speed plugins, BK959 Myanmar players can become professional Keno Myanmar players and win more cash quickly.

What is Live Keno?

Keno is a lottery gambling game popular in Asian and European casinos that requires only a few simple things to get started. This game can be played through online platforms and walk-in casinos. Both casinos use live Keno gaming software to run the betting with the audience, rather than using papers like traditional time. As a result, Keno is one of the most exciting games to play for real money because the live Keno game software produces interesting gaming outcomes and payouts.

Keno games involve 80 numbers, from 1 to 80. Although live Keno has 80 digits, only 20 will be randomly selected and shown on the game banner. The 20-lottery numbers create at least five primary betting columns, including big, small, odd number, even number, big-odd number, big-even number, and more.

Who Creates Live Keno in Myanmar?

Funky Game is the leading live Keno gaming developer in Myanmar. Moreover, Funky Game belongs to BK959 casino owner and provides 11 premium Keno games with free gameplay and real money gambling. If you play live Keno on Bk959, you have three options for betting limit: 1-200 units, 20-600 units, and 40-1200 units. Once you enter the live Keno game, the layout looks modern and similar to the sportsbook design.

How Live Keno Game Works in BK959 Casino

Live Keno has three layout styles: typical, simple, and trend. The normal layout means a full betting column display will appear on the screen, and it is suitable for Myanmar players who make multiple bets at a time. In addition, the simple layout shows the old-fashioned display similar to the Baccarat game. Real money players will also see big and small bets as the main bet and statistical data with red B as Big and blue S as Small. For Trend layout, live Keno bettors can see Keno draw in a small horizontal column, which appears almost at the same time. Keno draw code is also displayed next to the Keno game you are playing.

What to Bet on the Keno Game

In old-fashioned Keno style, real-money Myanmar players are limited to betting on one game at a time and wait around 80 seconds per game round. Furthermore, if you bet on a real money Keno, you must wait 80 seconds to finish and start a new game. BK959 is here to give real money Keno game a revolution in Myanmar. With the advanced software technology, BK959 gamblers can play three real-money Keno games at the same time. Each round starts in just 22 seconds. In the 5th second, the real money Keno game will close all bets and start drawing results.

You can bet on real money on Keno Earth, Keno Jupiter, Keno Mars, and Keno Neptune, which also share different running times. Each game opens for bets only for 22 seconds. However, you can make multiple wagers on other real-money Keno games simultaneously. Also, each Keno game has a “View History” icon, which you can check around the clock. There are many exciting bet columns in Keno games, including Gold [210-695] 9.20 payout, Wood [696-763] 4.60 payout, Water [764-855] 2.40 payout, Fire [856-923] 4.60 payout, and Earth [924-1410] 9.20 payout.

Who Is Funky Game Myanmar?

Funky Game Myanmar is a madhouse of online casino games that is young and special. Funky Game was founded in 2020 and developed a 3D animation game that iGaming marketing had never experienced before. We deliver 250-plus games with HTML5 technology. Funky Game also diversifies casino games into many categories, such as arcade games and table games. We make iGaming market a special place by delivering original, engaging, and outstanding games that modern Myanmar players never get bored of.

Win Big Money From Keno Games With Just 1000 Kyats

The main reason real money Keno is more prevalent in online and walk-in casinos is its attractive payout. If 1000 kyats are placed to bet on a Keno game, a player can win back 9 times the bet. Likewise, if you already become a real money Keno expert, you can increase your bet limit to 1200 units per game. For example, if bet 1000 units on Gold [210-695], and the Keno sum number is 650, the player wins 1000 x 9.20 = 9,200 units (9,200,000 kyats).

Top iGaming Software That Designs The Best Keno Games in Myanmar

The top iGaming software that gives you the best Keno game experience in Myanmar is Funky Game. Our software is chiefly mobile responsive in a portrait interface style betting. Funky Game Keno is deemed to be one of the most successful developers for satisfying the needs of mobile gamblers with attractive game design and payout options. Funky Game’s Keno software also delivers lucrative features for enticing rewards and convenient layouts to all BK959 Myanmar users. As a well-recognized software development, Funky Game has a strong backup team that helps assist customers and provide feedback within 24 hours.

How to Bet Real Money on Live Keno Games

Betting real money Keno on BK959 is causal, quick, and convenient. The layout will undoubtedly be simple. But first, you must study the odds before wagering any money. You must know there are 19 betting columns in BK959 Keno:

  • Big [811-1410] Payout 1.95
  • Small [210-810] Payout 1.95
  • Odd Payout 1.95
  • Even Payout 1.95
  • Dragon Payout 1.95
  • Tiger Payout 1.95
  • DT-Tie Payout 9.00
  • Up Payout 2.30
  • Down Payout 2.30
  • U/D Tie Payout 4.30
  • Big Odd Payout 3.70
  • Big Even Payout 3.70
  • Small Odd Payout 3.70
  • Small Even Payout 3.70
  • Gold [210-695] Payout 9.20
  • Wood [696-763] Payout 4.60
  • Water [764-855] Payout 2.40
  • Fire [856-923] Payout 4.60
  • Earth [924-1410] Payout 9.20

To place a bet on the real money Keno game, first, please go to the Keno category and select Keno game. Then, the betting limit will show up, and you must pick one: 1-200 units, 20-600 units, and 40-1200 units. Once you enter the bet limit, you can see four Keno games: Real Money, Keno Earth, Keno Jupiter, Keno Mars, and Keno Neptune. If you are playing Keno Earth, it is right on the top of your screen. To place a betting amount, click on the bet column you prefer, enter the amount (in units), and press “Place Bet” to proceed. When a real money Keno game shows the result, the money will be paid as a win/loss automatically without you doing anything.

Two Games That Are Similar to Live Keno

Keno is a family of lottery gambling games, and it shares many similarities to the other two types of casino games. They are Bingo and Lottery.

1. Lotto (Lottery)

When talking about the lottery, only numbers come to mind. A lottery is the main root where every single number betting comes from. Essentially, people modify lotteries to produce more interesting real money games in cash markets. Countries like Vietnam and Myanmar authorized lottery ticket sales under the government’s license and earned millions of dollars annually. Furthermore, the reason people are obsessed with the lottery is insane. Number betting or local lottery writing papers took place hundreds of years ago. Lottery is also one of the most-gambled games in the world. In modern casinos, gamblers can bet real money lottery in one digit, two digits, three digits, and even five digits. The more digits, the more payout.

2. Bingo

Another game similar to Keno is Bingo. The Bingo term is more viral in Europe than in Asia. The language itself is actively spoken across movies. When someone does something right, they say “Bingo”. In terms of betting, the term Bingo is very close to Keno. The game has been played for a long time and become increasingly popular in casino halls worldwide. Gamblers pick out a Bingo card with predetermined numbers, and a caller draws and announces the balls/numbers to the Bingo players. When a player has completed a line on their card, they shout “Bingo!”.

Frequently Asked Questions

The word Keno has its root meaning as “five winning numbers” from French words. Compared to France in ancient times, Keno was more well-known in China. The game was played and raised funds for the Great Wall of China.

Yes, they do. Keno is a famous lottery-like game at walk-in casinos and Internet Café shops. Many people come to do betting on-site and bet at Keno halls as a group with cashiers. They would give money to the cashier and wait patiently for the result.

Yes, you can. BK959 is an international world-class casino brand that accepts currencies such as MMK, Khmer Riels, MYR, VND, and many more. You can log in to BK959 accounts from any country.

Keno is the best game for you if you prefer gambling with numbers. Keno has 80 numbers in the draw to make an exciting result. There are many options to bet on Keno. The lowest payout is 1.95, while the maximum payout is 9.20.

There are FOUR main Keno games at Bk959 casino: Keno Earth, Keno Jupiter, Keno Mars, and Keno Neptune. BK959 members can also play other games in the Keno section: Football Star, Atom, RNGWAR, Number Game, KenoWar, KenoSoccer, AtomWar, Lucky 5, Happy10, and PK10.

Myanmar players can register their casino account with BK959 to start betting on Keno games. Then, proceed to deposit and claim a 100% first-time cash-in bonus. In the Keno game, you can place a small bet of 1000 kyats per game.

Keno is moderately famous in Myanmar, with over 25,000 active users and an average daily turnover of over 300,000,000 kyats.

Yes, you can. There are three gambling options ranging from 1,000 kyats to 1,200,000 kyats per game. Chiefly, if you want to deposit real money into your casino account, please enter the Deposit lobby, enter the necessary information, and attach a money transfer screenshot to start betting.

Keno draw refers to a virtual system that contains a total of 80 numbers. The result goes one by one until 20 numbers show up.

Keno game features with a random number generator system that software developers put in a chip to comply with the law of gambling and ensure fairness.

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