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BK959 Live Casino Online Betting Platform

Live Casino online betting platform is more than just a simple card game that is played traditionally. BK959 regularly upgrades its system and mobile gaming interface to provide optimized speed for live casino gamblers. Within the interface of the BK959 Live Casino platform, players are granted tremendous space access to many live casino betting games, including traditional and modern games.

BK959 decided to present more live casino products for players in Myanmar to light up the vibe of playing live casino variety. Live Casino players at BK959 can open live dealer games online from six live gaming providers, including Sa Gaming, Allbet, Big Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Ae Sexy, ION Casino, and FGG Casino (Guaranteed Gaming). All of these live casino games offer bet from 1 unit to 3000 units.

What is Live Casino and HTML5 technology?

Live Casino is a terminology expert in the iGaming industry use to refer to any card or live games involved with a dealer in the live streaming webcam. It is one of the most commonly played games online in Myanmar. Live Casino connects a live dealer to a player through the internet or Wi-Fi connection in mobile phones or computers.

Thanks to HTML5 technology and the latest web standard content, Live Casino gameplay activities have changed the vibe of gambling and made it convenient to play any game online anywhere and anytime. Although Live Casino betting used to be one of the most-bet live dealer games that enthusiasts only play at walk-in casinos, now more and more gamblers have switched to playing live casino games on mobile phones instead. Live Casino HTML5 games can be accessible by any device with high-speed optimization.

How Players Bet Live Casino Games at Walk-in Casino

In walk-in casinos, live casino gamblers must go to the cashier to exchange money for a certain amount of chips. The number and color of the chip will represent the value of money gamblers bet with live dealers. To place a bet on a live casino game, a bettor must sit face to face with a live dealer and put their chip on the betting column they want to wager on.

For example, if a gambler is playing a Baccarat game, the available betting columns could be Blue Player, Green Tie, and Red Banker. Once the bet is placed on the target column, the live dealer will deliver cards one by one and open the card for the game outcome. If you win a game, the live dealer will pay you the exact value of the chip you placed as a bet in that round.

How Players Bet Live Casino Games Online

You might be doubting how people get to play live casino games online without seeing them face-to-face. This question is being asked by many inexperienced people or beginning players. Because we are familiar with the form of live casino gambling at walk-in casinos, the process that most gamblers will go through before starting a game is buying chips, walking around to choose a gaming table, talking to live dealers in person if they have any questions, and so on. What about players who bet live casino games online? The answer is simple.

The interaction between a player’s device and game selection on BK959 is what matters. Users at BK959 must log in with their username and password first and click on the “Casino” icon to start immediate gameplay. Suppose players enter the studio hall of Pragmatic Play live casino. In that case, they can see the preview of fully HD games that share different types: Regular live casino games, game shows with MC, and rewarding promotions. There are nine options: Baccarat, Roulette, Game Shows, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, Andar Bahar, Blackjack, and promotions.

If players select a Baccarat icon, it will lead them to 31 Baccarat games. While betting on a Baccarat game, a player feels they are playing with a live dealer alone. However, this is the opposite because an online live casino game is a multiplayer platform that allows more than 100 players to bet per round. In Pragmatic Play live casino, players can see the number of active betting players in each game category.

The betting process of a live casino and those made in the walk-in casino have very little difference. The live casino online players virtually wager their money by dragging a chip on the screen to the betting column they wish to target. In a walk-in casino, players can touch the chips and place the chip on the column, feeling both their physical hands. When players win money from BK959 live casino, the chip will automatically be given to BK959 users, and their balance will increase automatically and accurately without talking.

Free Live Casino App Download in Myanmar

Integrating online casino apps invites players to access live casino games for free. Live casino free play is now available at BK959. After players register a username and password, they can save them as login information and start playing live casino for free. The live casino games play demo is completely free and unlimited. Users who downloaded the BK959 application can access live casino games from Myanmar without paying any kyats. When players want to bet real money on live casino games, contact BK959 customer service specialists to assist with the deposit or go to the website and make a self-deposit.

Myanmar’s Viral Live Casino Game “SKM”

Shan Koe Mee, or SKM, has a massive market in Myanmar’s online gambling industry. It is played with over one million mobile users across the country. SKM is an original local card game that was born in Myanmar. With the offer of software apps, players come to wager real money on this card game SKM on some of the most famous Myanmar apps, including SKM, M9 SKM Myanmar, SKM World, Shan Koe Mee, SKM World 8, and so on.

Three Tips To Easily Win Baccarat Online

No matter how smart or well-experienced, Baccarat players can lose considerable money within seconds because of greed. Live casino requires a player to follow a healthy gameplay pattern to win money in the long term. Follow these three tips to boost your Baccarat winnings:

Tip 1: Stick to The Same Bet Size

Players must often catch up on their smartness and jump into a big river without a swimming coat. They might think they catch a big fish in the ocean while still swimming in the river. If you ever start wagering an amount of 10 units, please continue to stake ten units within 10-round frames or 20-round frames to warm up first.

Players must often catch up on their smartness and jump into a big river without a swimming coat. They might think they catch a big fish in the ocean while still swimming in the river. If you ever start wagering an amount of 10 units, please continue to stake ten units within 10-round frames or 20-round frames to warm up first.

Tip 2: Start A Bigger Bet Size After Warm-Up

Before starting any bet on the Baccarat table, you must know how it will end. For example, suppose you wager ten units for startup. In that case, you can increase it to 20 or 30 units within the budget you can afford to lose. The pattern or trend of Baccarat game data can be challenging and confusing. However, after the warm-up of 10 or 20 rounds, the game can give players many ideas on winning and correctly adjusting betting.

Some patterns of Baccarat outcome can favor Blue Player more than Red Banker. Therefore, it is the right time for players to jump in and place more bets on Players to receive more winnings than losing. Also, if the green tie outcomes still not yet appear on the statistic column, it is highly suspicious that Tie will happen soon. It is wise to wait until the Tie outcome passes and start betting again on Blue Player or Red Banker. Please note that no matter how much you tend to win from a Baccarat game, please do not wager on Tie, not even ONCE.

Tip 3: Make Double-Credit Betting

The term itself tells you everything. Betting on Live Casino relies heavily on the frequency of winning, as shown by statistics—the different win ratio between Players and Banker is less than 3%. The chance to win is even higher with the ability to bet double-credit after losing a round. For example, if you wager 30 units on a player in the first round, you lose. The next step to take action is to bet 60 units on the player. With this technique, you can recover your loss within one bet.

Explore Two Main Types of Roulette Online

Spin the wheel of the Roulette game today and win big, awesome rewards from BK959! Roulette features many desirable betting columns that bring out big excitement among online players. Let’s explore the two main types of Roulette online:

1. American-Game Roulette

American Roulette is what online casinos want you to play. Why? Because American Roulette has a double zero: 0 and 00. The more zeros appear on the Roulette wheel, the lower the chance of winning for players. This increases online casino operators’ money, especially when the wheel lands on zero or double zeros. In technical terms, American Roulette has brought a higher house edge up to 5.26% to online casino operators hosting the game. American Roulette delivers betting numbers from 0 to 36 and double zero (00). Therefore, online casino operators can collect many lost tickets per game round if the spinning white ball frequently falls onto the number 0 or 00.

2. European-Style Roulette

Compared to American Roulette, European Roulette has only a 2.7% house edge. The roulette wheel only displays from numbers 0 to 36. If you are a gambler who likes European roulette taste, don’t hesitate to play online Roulette at BK959 Big Gaming. The wheel only has one zero, increasing your chance of winning money while playing the game with a beautiful and peaceful live dealer.

The information BK959 Roulette players can see while betting in a Roulette game will be game ID, table name, dealer’s name, bet limit (2 units to 200 units), total bet, Server, and so on. The display information banner ensures accuracy and assists players’ optimized gameplay. Looking to the right, players are guided on betting Big, Small, Odd, Even, Red, Black, and zero. Many more exciting betting columns are the First, Second, Third, First dozen, Second dozen, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Live casino online is very safe in Myanmar. You take out your mobile device or computer, then connect to the internet for instant gameplay. In live casino gameplay, you can even set a nickname. You can play live games privately, anywhere, and anytime without fearing your identity being exposed.

Live casino online gameplay is a quick-phased game, allowing hundreds of online players to bet within less than 60 seconds. If there is no ready chip on board, players must spend more seconds to enter the amount of stake, which can be confusing. Plus, the chips represent the same style of gambling at walk-in casinos.

Different software gaming developers own live casinos. In Myanmar, there are three popular developers: Evolution Gaming, Big Gaming, and Playtech. Each developer has a live casino studio to host their live dealer games in Europe or Asia.

Roulette might look simply, but it offers various betting styles that players must learn before wagering any money. We recommend registering a free BK959 account. Then players take some time to watch at least 10 rounds of Roulette games. So they will deeply understand how the game works and which bets they want to place to win money. For beginners, betting on a specific number or multiple numbers is not advisable as they will lose money so quickly.

The chip value ranges differently depending on which live casino game you choose to wager on. For most of BK959 live casino, in one table, players commonly can manage to stake from 1 unit of chips to 250 units per live game round if bet on Pragmatic Play live casino. For Big Gaming Live Casino, players’ minimum chip starts from 2 to 200 units. 1 unit is 1,000 kyats.

Many expert gamblers will say yes, it is. In the online gambling industry, highly experienced gameplay experts always choose a real money game involving strategies. Live Casino games offer many opportunities for real-life playing experts to analyze game data and initiate plans to win money out of live casino tables.

BK959 Casino is an exclusively first-party online gambling platform where players can bet. And the balance is automatically generated in one single place. You can choose any games from BK959 slot, sports, to cockfight. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about transferring money to E-wallet or else.

SKM is a signature card-player game that was born in Myanmar and now is playable across the world. It is a simple, happy card game that shares some qualities with online Baccarat. That is why the SKM game is familiar to international players. Many SKM apps have been additionally available at App Store and Play Store.

There are many ways to download SKM apps in Myanmar and Asia. Suppose you want to download the top-rated apps such as M9 SKM Myanmar, Shan Koe Mee, SKM, or SKM World 8. In that case, you can directly communicate with the BK959 Burmese customer service team, ready to assist with 24-hour non-stop service.

It is impossible to cheat on live casinos because all games are webcammed in real-time. And the game round takes less than 30 seconds. The payout is also consistent with the lowest house edge. For example, the Dragon/tiger game is 1:1, and the Baccarat game is 1:0.95 Banker and 1:1 for Player bet. With the live casino games, casino operators only aim to make money from the house edge. For example, they get 0.5% from banker bets when Banker wins.

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