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The rise of real money online slot games in Myanmar’s gaming industry has brought a wave of excitement, and that is why BK959 has all of the popular slot games on the website. This game trend is present in many products in Myanmar’s online casinos. Previously, Joker123 Gaming and Live22 dominated the market. However, the landscape has evolved, and now we see a wide acceptance of slot products from various software providers such as Pragmatic Play (PP Slot), PG Gaming, JDB, JILI, Spade Gaming, and many more, offering a plethora of real money gaming options.

Slot game online is one of the easier ways to start to betting real money casino in Myanmar. You can stake 250MMK per spin with a minimum deposit of 5000 kyats. Also, if you play a slot with Pragmatic Play, you can buy the free feature by spending 100 times your chosen bet size. For example, if your bet size is 300MMK, the free-spin feature buy costs 30,000MMK. You then are led to a new game screen with a free spin game and attractive payouts. A free spin game can make you win x5000 times.

There are many slot pay lines in the gaming industry. The live slot games come with various themes, bonus stories, and different numbers of winning lines. The paylines can be 5, 50, 243, or even up to 1024. Two hundred forty-three ways to win is the most common slot. The 243-way slot can land a big win when you land matching symbol combinations on the reel. Mega Moolah is the best example of a 243-way slot game that ever hits the world with a millions-dollar jackpot payout.

Highest-Ranking Slot Game Software Providers

#1 Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is Myanmar’s top slot game provider, receiving 9,900 monthly search volumes on the Google search engine. Pragmatic Play Myanmar is one of a few manufacturers in the iGaming industry that focuses on supplying exclusively ONLY slot games to online casinos. There are over 150 HTML slots that are available in Pragmatic Play Myanmar. Each game is unique and lucrative, with generous multipliers up to x180,000 wins.


Joker123, the second most famous live slot game provider in Myanmar, gains 5,400 monthly search volumes on the Google search engine. Joker123 Myanmar is a creator of live slot games with a colossal progress jackpot with very few multiplier slots. At least 70% of Joker123 live slots are progressive jackpots. Joker123 Myanmar developer targets players worldwide by creating live slot games with high-definition video quality that clearly fits all types of screens perfectly. The resolution of Joker123 Myanmar games is typically 4K.  

#3 Jili casino

Compared to Myanmar, Jili is way more popular in Thailand, with monthly search volumes of 12,100 on the Google search engine. Jili Myanmar is a new live slot software manufacturer in the gambling industry. Jili was born in 2020. The company provides 54 live slot games and 12 fish shooting games to serve the needs of the Asian iGaming market. Jili Myanmar is now being played at online casinos in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

#4 PG Soft

You must have seen the PG logo from somewhere, especially on Pinterest. This brand is everywhere on the internet. Myanmar players know PG Gaming as the number-one mobile live slot game that is only designed for portrait gameplay. It makes all devices consume less Internet data and makes gameplay much smoother and faster. Three original slot games make PG famous today: Fortune Tiger, Genie’s 3 Wishes, and Dragon Hatch.

#5 Fa Chai (FC)

FC is driving Myanmar live slot game players crazy with the distinctive features that produce surprisingly creative payouts. Within Fa Chai live slot games, there is a collection of 32 portrait online slot games that you can bet starting from 0.10 per spin. FC Myanmar is one of the brand new slot game developers in the Asian iGaming market that is brave enough to give the largest payout win up to x50,000. FC Myanmar recently launched a new game that is currently viral “Night Market x2”. The maximum payout is 10,000. If playing FC, you can access the Purchase Feature, which has two options, General and ExtraBet, to activate free spin games automatically. The cost of the buy feature is x25 and x37.50, respectively.  

#6 CQ9 Gaming

CQ9 Myanmar was founded in 2017 and provides live slot game products in the iGaming market with HTML5 software technology. The company is operated by Chinese groups in Taiwan and Taipei, which is why the currency is set in Chinese Yuan on their official website. CQ9 live slot games are designed with two main features: Jump Series and Buy Feature. Jump Series allows Burmese players to experience a new way of live slot gameplay that never existed before. In the 3-5 slot reel, Burmese players can make winnings by landing any five symbols on the reel. The best example of a Jump Series slot is Rave Jump 2 M if the same number appears on the reel in the same line, you win x10,000.

#7 Spade Gaming

Spade Gaming develops non-progressive online slot games in Myanmar with exclusive Maxways features—slot games with a Maxways badge feature 86,436 ways to win within the reel. There are 45 slot games in Spade Gaming slots Myanmar, which fit all devices with the aspect ratio of 16:9 in landscape mode. However, Spade Gaming’s popularity in Myanmar comes from the two main episodes of fishing games: Fishing War and Fishing God. Here, you can check out the trendiest slots in Spade Gaming Myanmar: Caishen Deluxe Maxways (86436), Legacy of Kong Maxways, and Cai Shen 888.

#8 KA Gaming

KA Gaming’s live slot game has calm and relaxing sound effects, reflecting its classic game mode. The developer primarily provides 15 bet size selections ranging from 0.12 units (120 kyats), 0.14 (140 kyats) units to 160 units (160,000 kyats) per spin bet. While spinning, you feel the enticing gameplay that makes frequent winnings and peaceful background sound, mainly from the 3-row and 5-reel slots featuring Chinese themes. KA, previously named Kaga88, is one of the largest live slot game developers in Kaga88, Myanmar. The company develops the broadest choices of online slots, which are 500+ if compared to other providers. With KA Gaming Myanmar, 500 plus slot games ensure the best live slot gameplay with rewarding game mode.

#9 Funky Games

Funky Games is the most exciting developer that features high-definition animated slot games. Suppose you open HD slot games, including 88 Fortunes and Long Long Long III. In that case, the display of “HD game resources may be slightly more. It is recommended to preload in a WIFI environment”. The data loading process is a little longer than regular games in FG.

But players enjoy the interactive gameplay from a moving HD animated character from the scene! FG has a mixture of gaming solutions from Gaming Soft (the software solution for Live22 Myanmar) and VA Victory ARK Gaming. For this reason, FG makes slot games perfect for Myanmar players who love the variety. FG fans can play slot games that have 1024 ways, 30 pay lines, 50 pay lines, mobile portrait slot reel, and more. Here are the three most popular slot games of Funky Games that have been ranked worldwide: Fa Fa Fa 2, Monkey King, and Eros Sexy.

#10 Play Star Gaming

Play Star Gaming, now called PS, is one of the most vital software developers in slot gaming due to its high-end HTML5 technology and UI interface design. Each element of the PS slot game also gives out dynamic and enriching energy. Even PS slot titles and characters are all designed with 3D quality that makes every slot spinner click to try. Playstar Myanmar designed 68 entirely HD slot games featuring colossal bonuses and jackpots. Furthermore, the top three Playstar slot games that have paid over 1,000,000,000 kyats to Myanmar players are Lucky Crush, Fantasy – Southeast Asia, and Burlesque 2.

How Slot Games Work in Myanmar

It is very fascinating to know that slot games cannot be rigged. The RNG system is additionally the most robust technology that provides fair gameplay under regulations in Myanmar. RNG is also encoded in a chip by the manufacturer. They predetermine how much a specific slot game can pay back to players in an RTP percentage: slot RTP or Return to Player ranges from 85% to 98%. Moreover, many Burmese people commonly think a slot game can pay them back within a 100-spin range. For example, if you play a slot with 95% RTP and spin 100 times by betting 300MMK per spin time, you spend 30,000MMK. As a result, the idea of hoping to get the return of 28,500MMK (95% of the total bet amount within 100 spins) is faulty.

The gameplay does not guarantee you back 95% of your total bet within 100 spins. The chip of Random Number Generator pays back to Myanmar players within several million spins. In 2005, the slot game RNG ran 1000 times per second to give you the random result. In 2023, RNG runs thousands of times per second. The outcome of a slot game has already been created even before you hit the spin button. Therefore, RNG makes every of each spin completely random.

What Is A Near-Miss Feature in a Slot Game?

Many slot game players wonder if a manufacturer purposely displays a near-miss feature in their slots to make players think they almost won a jackpot. A near-miss quality or near-miss effect happens when you land two winning symbol combinations directly on the pay line. And the third matching symbol is just right above or below the pay line. As a return, this would excite the players to think he would almost win a jackpot. A near-miss feature cannot be programmed. In addition, the RNG chip is a high-end and expensive technology that ever created to ensure consistent, fair gameplay in slot game casinos. The gambling regulations, especially PAGCOR would not allow a manufacturer to design a near-miss feature program into slot games. Otherwise, the game license would not be given.

What Happens If You Win Jackpot?

Besides the value of slot themes and enticing symbols, Jackpot is an ultimate win-win destination for every slot game player to land. You may have spent days playing your favorite slots and happen to win just the right big-big amount of Jackpot Which not only can cover what you have lost in days and months but also can give big pocket profit money into your bank account because jackpot payout is enormous and comes with thousands of times payout your bet. The higher the bet size you place, the bigger the Jackpot.

If you win a jackpot over 1200 USD in a U.S. casino, the slot machine will be locked, called “Jackpot lockdown.” The winner then needs to go through three steps before cashing out the winnings. First, he must verify his jackpot win and identity. Second, he fills in the income tax form. In the last step, he cashes out the money. And the machine will be unlocked again for the next jackpot winner.

In Myanmar, the Jackpot payout could be as small as 860,000MMK with a minimum bet of 340MMK per spin. Burmese players usually won less than 1,000,000 kyats when hitting a mini Jackpot. If you increase your bet size to a maximum amount per spin, the chance is high to hit grand jackpots which pay out at most 500,000,000 kyats with the entire bet range of 10,000MMK-200,000MMK per spin. As a Myanmar player, you can have a bigger chance to hit a jackpot. Because the welcome bonus is 100% to 200% up to 300,000MMK. You can have a lot of free money to test your luck on different slot game software. They are Pragmatic Play, PG Soft, Spade Gaming, Funky Game, KA Gaming, and more.   

What SlotS Games Pay Out The Most in Myanmar?

This is an exceptional guidance that BK959 engineers have gathered the highest-paying slot games just for YOU. With the combination of gambling experience and software engineers, we will show you a list of slot games that pay out the most for real money play.  

#1 Peking Luck – Pragmatic Play

Today is your lucky day to receive the news of this slot game. Peking Luck is a history-making game that provides the highest payouts among 200 other games of Pragmatic Play Myanmar. The maximum win is more than satisfying. With the payout of x180,000 times, it is almost as exciting as winning a jackpot. But the good news is you know how much you will win in a maximum way. Peking Luck developer gives Burmese players 96.5% RTP in PP Slot, nearly the highest rate in the gambling industry.

#2 Hot Pot Party – FC GAMING

Hot Pot Party is a win-win game that makes you win in almost every game spin. You can make a bet as little as 100MMK per spin and maximize your bet size with 100,000MMK per spin. The game is a life-changing entertainment that pays out 50,000 times. This five-star slot game was created in 2020 and can be played via Android, iOS, MAC, Windows, and HTML5. Hot Pot Party features a background theme with food 3D food ingredients and pays out players with ten free spin games and big multipliers.

#3 Great Stars SA (StandAlone) – SPADE GAMING

Spade Gaming is one of Myanmar’s highest-ranking online slot game developers, founded in 2007. Spade Gaming Myanmar became the first game Asian company to receive a license from the Malta Gaming Authority in 2019. Based in the Philippines, Spade Gaming manufactured the highest payout slot game, “Great Stars SA,” which pays out x60,000 maximum wins. Great Stars gives out Myanmar players with 95% winning rate and free spin features. What’s more remarkable is when you are granted a free spin game, you can choose the treasure box, which displays the number of free spins (for example, +1, +2, +5) until you pick the “finish” box. Then, a multiplier treasure box appears on your reel, and you can pick one. If today is your luck, you may land choosing x6 times multiplier. Later on, the free spin game starts running.

#4 Lucky Crush – PLAY STAR

Lucky Crush is a magical crush slot game. The Cluster-Play design and animation is based on the Chinese style. With the presence of red lanterns and Scatter symbols on the reel, Burmese players are off the ground to catch some fire payouts up to 10,000 times. Launched in 2021, Lucky Crush provides many antique features such as multipliers, free spins, bonus games, and wild symbols. The Lucky Crush classic slot excites you when you unlock a free spin. When the player happens to collect the red lantern 15/15, the tile is complete, and a free game is granted. Then the Crush displays in 3 rounds, making you win a 10,000x payout.

#5 Dragon Fafafa – LIVE22

Dragon Fafafa is one of the most recommended slot games in Myanmar. So many Burmese players know this game because of the considerable jackpot smash of 300,000,000 kyats. Dragon Fafafa gameplay features desirable reward payout including x5 multiplier, Dragon bonus jackpot wins, Free Games, and Wild reels for Mega win. This Live22 Myanmar game gives players the most enormous progress jackpot size and the highest RTP (winning rate) of 97.52%. To activate an automatic free spin game, Burmese players are free to select “Buy Free Games” with the cost of x100 of their bet. For example, if your bet is 200 kyats per spin, you can buy free games by spending 20,000 kyats and start playing.

Slot Game Casino Bonus

Getting slot bonuses at online casinos in Myanmar is relatively easy. It’s a short way to bring a free slot bonus into your pocket account. Many online casinos in Myanmar grant attractive slot bonuses, including free units from 3000 Kyats to 5000 Kyats, free spins, and more. Because the online casinos in Myanmar do not use USD or US dollar currency, they set currency in units in real money gaming system.

One unit is the amount of 1000 kyats. Therefore, depositing 10,000 kyats gives you ten units in your casino player account. A slot bonus also comes with tournaments. For the sake of participating in a game in Live22, Joker123, or Spade Gaming, Burmese players can boost more wins with the fixed prize pool given. For example, if you join the Joker123 Myanmar Prize Drop tournament, the chance is you are ready to win 6,500,000 kyats in cash drop and win up to 1,500 times your bet.

100% Welcome Bonus For New Members

If you are a slot adventure player, you are 100% going to have a BK959 account. Why? Because BK959 Casino Myanmar grants customers the largest bonus deal for a first-deposit member account. New BK959 account holders can only claim a 100% welcome slot bonus ONE TIME. The amount of free cash in the 100% welcome slot bonus is 3 Lakhs, which is 300,000 kyats. Upon claiming the free slot bonus, BK959 account holders are free to spin any games from the top ten selected game providers: Funky, Play Star, KA, Spade, Fa Chai (FC), PG, CQ9, Joker, Jili and Pragmatic Play. BK959 players can spin any slot reel with different providers without having to transfer money into wallets back and forth.

How Your Cash Deposit and Unit Transfer Work in BK959 Casino

To activate the 100% welcome bonus, BK959 new account holders must deposit at least 30,000 kyats. If you deposit 30,000 kyats, BK959 gets you an additional bonus of 30,000 kyats. For this result, your total balance is 60,000 kyats. When you log in with your username and password on the BK959 website, you see the balance in units rather than kyat. You will see the balance displaying 60 units on the left-hand side of your screen. When you bet on slot games, the minimum bet size is usually 0.36, 360 kyats per spin (0.36 x 1000). With the above case, players can withdraw after reaching x8 turnover or x6 win-over condition, given an example that your player account already reaches the turnover requirement and your leftover balance is 123 units. Your cash withdrawal will be 123,000 kyats transferred to your bank account.

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