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About Play Star Myanmar

PlayStar, or PS, is one of the most popular online betting providers in Myanmar, providing Burmese players with a good experience in real-money slot games, fish games, arcade games, and card games.
This iGaming provider is well-known for creating new products, high-quality graphics, stunning themes, and features that will certainly attract players.
In addition, PlayStar was certified by an international professional gaming association, which makes players feel secure about playing with real money.

Why Is Play Star Well-known for its Slot Games?

Slot games are PlayStar’s main product, delivering multiple features within their stunning graphic design and thrilling stories. PlayStar’s slot games often feature innovative themes and storylines inspired by ancient tradition. They also design famous characters such as Pyramid of Flames, Athena, Caishen Daddy, Mahjong Way 3+, and Treasure of Aztec Z.
All PlayStar slot games have easy-to-read instructions and attractive paytables.
To play slot games smoothly, players must have stable internet connections, either 4G mobile data or fiber WiFi internet. Moreover, when betting with real money, every spin gives the player a chance to obtain free spins, multipliers, and a bonus for a big win. In general, PlayStar slot games’ RTP is around 96%.

What Should You Know About Play Star Fish Games?

The Play Star Fish Game is becoming a favourite among the youth due to the colorful display and the ease with which players can earn rewards. Fish gambling has a simple gameplay and attracts luck, making it easy to win money from this gambling.
One of the basic requirements in playing the game effectively is for players to know how to use the right gun to hunt the fish. Each fish games have different varieties of sea creatures and has its own value attached to it.
Besides, PlayStar also includes various special events and challenges that add excitement and reward opportunities for players, such as higher turnover tournament and most wins challenge.

What Arcade Game Have In Play Star?

In arcade game, Play Star contains five Arcade Games such as Billionaire, Caishen Dao, Gold Leopard, Giant Shark, and Running Buffalos. Each game has different characteristics.
The arcade game will bring you back to old time. The rule of gamplay and design is similar to those games created 20 years ago. The game of Caishen Dao and Gold Leopard is very simple to play.
It comes with an exciting feature that allows you to win x387 times your bet. The lights on the wheel will trigger stunning payouts at the same time.

What's the Popular Card Games in Myanmar?

There are many card games in Play Star such as Pok Deng and Pai Kang which are originated from Thailand and popular in Asia. These are considered most favourite card game in PlayStar.

#1 Pok Deng

Pok Deng is a card game that player shouldn’t have missed to play. The game is played with deck of 52 cards and has 5 players, and strategy is the main key to win money from this game.
Each player has 2 cards in hand or has option to draw a third card. In each round, one player is a dealer who will compare the card with other 4 players. Players win if they have higher value than dealer.

#2 Pai Kang

Pai Kang is a card game that has six options betting rooms such as Fun Room, Bronze Room, Silver Room, Gold Room, Ruby Room, and Diamond Room. Five players will bet their cards on hand.
In each turn, player can choose to draw or compare. You should press compare button to win if you are sure that the total value of cards that you’re holing has the minimum value comparing to other players. You can draw and leave the highest value of card out to get minimum value.

PlayStar's Partnered Casino

PlayStar has partnership with leading casino partners in order to provide their innovative technology, wide range of games, secure environment, generous bonuses, and great customer support.
NetEnt and Microgaming are notable casino partners and renowned software providers for their high-quality graphics, engaging gameplay, and innovative features. Besides, BK959 is Myanmar’s official partner, providing a high-tech website and 24/7 services to players who want to play Play Star’s casino games.
Throughout these partnerships help PlayStar keep its platform attractive by updating the list of games with fresh content and modern features in use.

One Of The Top Online Casino Products in Myanmar

Play Star has become as a highly popular online casino games provider in throughout its up-to-date technology and impressive user experiences. All games are audited frequently so that the players would have no doubts that everything is fair and transparent. Moreover, player could enjoy and win at the same time within wide range of slot games, fish games, arcade games and card game base on their preference.

Apart from this, a player review can help us understand real-life experiences and make the right decisions. Here are some PlayStar-related reviews from BK959’s player in Myanmar:

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This is one of the betting games I like at all time, because it has very good effects and higher RTP. By the way their services are also good, female staff always talk friendly and patient.
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I am new to slot games, and now only I know it is so easy to win money. I also joined their affiliate program and became a partner with BK959. Now, I can earn a commission of more than 15 lakhs a month.
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Playstar is a good game. I have introduced it to many friends, and they all like it so much because they are winning extra pocket money from it.
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They have many slot games that are the same as the Marina Bay casino I visited in Singapore. Even the sound effects and payout are highly similar. Worth to play this game.
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Free spins happen very frequently! I usually get 15 and 25 free spins every 20 minutes of play. I don't know how much I have won from this game because I already use it to buy things!

Banking Details & Methods - BK959

Play Star does not have a member website where players can log in and play directly. However, it does cooperate with well-known local online casino platforms such as BK959, which allow the casino platform to plug in its games. In that case, members can register an account with the platform and start playing Play Star with real money or preview all the games in a demo.

  • Min Deposit: 10,000 Kyats
  • Max Deposit: Unlimited
  • Min Withdrawal: 20,000 Kyats
  • Max Withdrawal Per Day: 100,000,000 Kyats
  • Deposit Processing Time: 1-3mins
  • Withdrawal Processing Time: 5-30mins

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